Last year, Van Hechter broke into the US underground with 3 charting singles and a sense of fashion to shame men who don’t make the effort of dressing up for events… He is charismatic and enigmatic- in the sense that we never know where the persona starts or where the real man behind it ends- this perhaps is his most endearing trait… We caught up with him and his new associate- up-and-coming producer Villagomez, to learn a bit more about their new single entitled ”Love In Miami’‘ set to be launched simultaneously in Montreal and New York City, on June 10th… Here’s what the pair had to say…

Music Authentic: What do you like about the new association and in what way is his work different from what you’ve done before?

Villagomez: The connection between the two of us really brought something else in me. First of all, I was able to follow my intuition and just sit in front of the piano and let myself go. Also, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and reflip some classic house sample, which was new to me since I always started from bottom.

Van Hechter: Villagomez is so inspired, so alive through his music. His spirit is joyous and colorful. Hard not to love working with him. I think for me it’s more House/Disco than my last album which was Electro-Pop. And I love flipping things around a bit so I am thrilled to go in that direction right now.

Music Authentic: How would you describe ”Love In Miami”, musically?

Villagomez: For me, it’s an exploration of the Oberheim synthesizer family and reviving some classic house chords with a UK House touch. I wanted to bring that energy to the dancefloor.

Van Hechter: What he said… I’m very ignorant that way. What he said!

Music Authentic: What are the lyrics about?

Villagomez: Humm… pretty deep stuff. I think it’s about going to on a trip to Miami and falling in love with someone that doesn’t deserve your true love.

Van Hechter: My catastrophic yet highly comedic love life… God there’s no depth, Sam! I’m a circus!

Music Authentic: This song is the first of 4, right?

Villagomez: Yes, indeed!

Van Hechter: Yes- and there isn’t one I like less. Everything I’ve done with V- is infused with love.

Music Authentic: Just for fun…. Van, what do you think Villagomez likes about you? Villagomez, what do you think Van likes about you?

Villagomez: I mean what I love about Van is that he jumps right in with my crazy music ideas and I think he’s really inspired by it The fact the I question everything brings something new in him that push the new directions. The way we work together creates new perspective for both of us and that’s what keep the work interesting.

Van Hechter: I don’t know – honestly. I could give you many reasons for him NOT to like me; I’m annoying, I’m short-fused around him and that doesn’t happen a lot in my work… I wonder why he sticks around, really… But I feel fortunate that he does, hah!

Music Authentic: What should those who come to your Montreal launch expect?

Villagomez: Great music and an extra-cool rooftop party at Carré de Gaspé!

Van Hechter: We are really going all out for this one. I will be launched simultaneously in NYW by DJ extraordinaire Chauncey Dandridge! Montreal party will be crazy fantastic: Sam will spin, I will sing- DJ Pullinsky and Montana have sets too. We’ve got live musicians— divine Briga and slick Julake. At the head of party organization we’ve got the best in town: Jean Olivier Laguerre. And I’ve hired one of my favorite part-time Vanettes, Aty Bella- just because she glides through parties with the grace of a gazelle! Tickets are on sale, btw!

As we wait for the new song, here are a few links we think you may like to follow…

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And if you should be in Montreal on June 10th- this is the party to go to!

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