„My Heroes (feat. Niilo)” is a powerful, brand new release with a pinch of nu metal and modern hard rock by Cody Brande from his new album “Broken by Design”.

This album opener melodic hard-rock piece has some vibes from Linkin’ Park, Mastodon and of course traditional Scandinavian metal. The lyrics depict a troubled state of mind in which the songwriter tries to break out from a repeating cycle of personal doom. The chorus’ melody sounds like a Top 40 rock, a reminiscent of the ‘80s era of Scorpions.

Structurally, „My Heroes” has a radio edit length and a straight into the middle approach, with no empty bars. The verses are used as built-ups for the returning, ear-bug bringing choruses. A strong foundation is provided by the rhythm section, one that’s soundscape is on the balance of being enough rough and yet consumable for the masses, since this “My Heroes” serves both as an album intro and a crowd attracting single. The synth is one of the main reasons why “My Heroes” work and it smartly glues the different themes together. The heavy, double-time guitar solo and occasional trash metal growls seem to be uncharacteristic, however, Cody Brande does have a genre bending idea with this, one that pays off at the end. The catchy tune of the chorus is relatable and even by the first few listens it turns to be a sing-along.

The mix is on the balance and the mastering might come out the best in HiFi or Lossless (for instance on Tidal or Apple Music), “My Heroes” is the right choice to be the album opener. It has a potential to be heard at bars, live venues and for many it’ll be good for driving as well; interestingly, it would perfectly fit to a hard rock workout playlist, too.

To sum up, “My Heroes” is a great step up for the singer-songwriter Cody Brande and a good test for him as a producer.

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