„405” is an ear-friendly, country storytelling, fresh, singer-songwriter single by Brent Shinn.

„405” starts with a short Spanish guitar akin intro and swiftly morphs into a country blues with a pinch of Americana. The Bob Dylan-ish storytelling with a Mick Jagger sound from the ‘70s provide the rawness and authenticity of the song.

It has a clearly played guitar theme in the middle in between the verses delivered as a bard from a modern era. Brent Shinn’s trademark vocals distinguish „405” from other songs; the lower key fits him better as well. The tempo change in the outro brings an extra flavor. The song is structured well and as the story develops the music also arrives to a different place, the minor chords sufficiently support the atmosphere.

Brent Shinn has quite a few songs now available and by now his listeners know what he creates. „405” is among those that could be a good introduction to his artistic soul and musicianship.

Ultimately, „405” is a well-composed and structured songstress storytelling, recreating the American countryside vibe and a classic feeling of wandering. It can be a good choice for a travelling playlist, a drive and certain niche radios. Brent Shinn’s shows once again he does have a tendency to balance in between the mainstream and auteur songwriting. This time it works out.

1 June, 2022 is the release date of his new album, The Suicide Romance Survivors Strategy Guide. Worthy to check it out!

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