„Better Call Somebody” is a fresh, unique, guitar centered singer-songwriter single by Brent Shinn.

Anyone familiar with Brent Shinn’s artistry knows what to expect: a thematic song with a stylish storytelling and a one-of-a-kind musical experience. The roots go back to some hillbilly redneck blues-punk. With the resemblance to Hank Williams III, „Better Call Somebody” is a mid-tempo bard performance with some attainable humor and deliberate glitches.

The arrhythmic and asynchronous guitar tempo and vocals clearly show Brent Shinn does not give in and compromise in the altar of mainstream. There is certain cheekiness in „Better Call Somebody” that serves the song well and the somewhat catchy chorus remains in the ears for a while, too.

Brent Shinn actually thrives in his self-created musical world and delivers „Better Call Somebody” effortlessly. It would be interesting to see and hear his stage character in live.

Ultimately, „Better Call Somebody” is from a different musical universe and could be interesting to see and hear at a festival and at a campfire. Brent Shinn’s other kind of musicianship can be interesting and entertaining for all who look for something atypical than mainstream.

His new album, The Suicide Romance Survivors Strategy Guide, will come out worldwide: 1 June, 2022. Check it out!

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