It is always a pleasure to listen to brand new concept albums and a delight to talk to actual, seasoned musicians, artists. The band Voices of Memory has just released their first album, Noise Gate + Reverb and we sat down with one half of the duo, Paul Zachopoulos. Smart ideas and really good thoughts came out from our conversation and you can read them below. And while you are at it, listen to “Too Young To Die” by Voices of Memory, it’s a good one!


Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! We have a site-traditional question we like to start with: How did you sleep last night?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): Not too bad, but of course it’s never enough!

Music Authentic: Now the summer is here and life seems to be a little less limited than it was in the last two years. What are your favorite things to do these days?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): Staying active for sanity, traveling, and spending time with friends we haven’t seen since the last normal-ish year, 2019.

Music Authentic: You’ve been making music for two decades. Why “Voices of Memory”, your band is coming alive in 2022?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): Our band and vision have always been alive, it was just a matter of execution and timing. Recent circumstances, including broken relationships, in our lives served as the catalyst to make this record and we just needed to finally do it. Actually, some of the songs you hear had been nearly fully written over 20 years ago.

Music Authentic: How do you describe the style and genre your listeners can experience in your recently released album “Noise Gate + Reverb”?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): I would describe it as 1980s post-punk “dancy” industrial-esque. I think our music fits in well with modern post-punk bands like She Past Away, Twin Tribes, and Molchat Doma, but we are a little more “poppy.”

Music Authentic: “Two Young to Die” was your first single from the album, with a heavy touch from the ‘80s and a nice work on the modern beats. Do you think that era, the ‘80s are the definitive one in today’s music?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): Thank you! We don’t pay much attention to today’s music besides the modern post-punk inspired bands we listen to (sorry our tastes are very specific!) but the 80s are absolutely definitive in our music.

Music Authentic: Early Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, some A-ha… who else influenced “Voices of Memory”?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): There’s a long list of bands. We’re big fans of the obvious acts such as the Cure, Joy Division, and Cocteau Twins but there is a heavy element that sits underneath it all. We’ve always appreciated late 90’s HIM and Paradise Lost in the early 00’s. Some bands, including those above, have that short window of time when looking back, they were absolutely unstoppable.

Music Authentic: Several artists even with some breakthroughs have a day-job. Well, even Bruce Dickinson has been an actual pilot all along! Do you think anyone can make ends meet in a substantial way from music and art without shredding their clothes and go full tabloid?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): I work in the music industry and can tell you first-hand it is very difficult to survive on music alone. It is possible but it takes many people to listen to your streams, buy your records, and go to your shows. Some artists can get lucky with synchronization placements in long-running advertisements and movies, but these are definitely the exception and not the norm.

Music Authentic: Here is a funny question: would you be a resident DJ at Blue Origin or Space X? One of them comes with a 9 months longer journey… 😉

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): Space X, as long as we could hang out with Elon, I mean, obviously 😉

Music Authentic: Obviously, as an emerging act in some ways you have to walk the extra miles and the shoes of many. However, more and more times it is proven, the copy-paste “making of the band” isn’t working anymore. To whom do you pay listen to when making decisions about the future?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): Even though we have been making music for over two decades, we’re new to releasing records and promoting ourselves. It’s important for us to get our music out to the right listeners, so we’re willing to try whatever it takes to get it to them.

Music Authentic: It’s 2022, way beyond the era of decadence and hedonistic nihilism. The abyss of ignorant numbness is prevailing in the world. What is the role of an artist and his/her music in this era?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): I’m not sure if there is a certain role that musicians have besides creating music that sounds good and connects with a listening audience. Music is one of the things in life that is always there when you need it and will never turn its back on you.

Music Authentic: If you had a chance to work with any of your childhood heroes, who would you choose?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): It would be really cool to work with John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Our Johnny (Ziss) takes up a lot of space on his guitar so we’ll need to move him to bass to make room for Frusciante who could do whatever he wants! Whatever he does would probably sound pretty badass, haha 😉

Music Authentic: Do you think there are shortcuts in the music industry?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): It depends on what goals the musicians have. Our main goal is to make music we wish another band would make. Whether a song takes 20 minutes or 20 years, it is important for the song to mean something personal so that it carries across well to the listener.

Music Authentic: Before we go, how would you encourage your fellow musicians who are starting out?

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): There is no rush. Take your time to work on your craft, you’re never too young and music has no age. Be true to yourself, but do not let you being a musician define who you are. Like I said, it’s very difficult to live off this. 😉

Music Authentic: Thank you your time and this interview. Looking forward to hearing your new songs!

Paul Zachopoulos (Voices of Memory): I enjoyed this, thank you so much!

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