We like introducing new artists whom we’ve got to know a little bit better and whose music, art is something new, different and a good addition to the world of today. Meet Kaysien who has just recently released a brand new single and we took the time to talk about life, music and some fun. Be brave and read on!

And in the meantime, listen to Kaysien‘s “BCrow”, it’s a good one!


Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! As usual, let’s begin with our site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Kaysien: Like I do most nights, on a bed! And grateful for it!

Music Authentic: Where do you like eating out? Or you prefer self-sustainably grow, produce and consume everything by yourself? It seems the world is heading to that direction in an ever-increasing speed…

Kaysien: Hmm, I can’t say that I eat out a lot, very rarely in fact, only when I fancy a pizza! There’s a great cosy Italian restaurant near me, I get good pizza and I get to support a business that’s been around for a long time. For the majority of the time I’m cooking and eating at home. I have grown food, potatoes, carrots, lemons in the past and would like to do it more often, though I live next to a train line with plenty of foxes, rats & squirrels which limits the scope of foods I could grow as these critters would dig up everything! If you have the space and time to do so it’s kinda fun.

Music Authentic: Humanity has just experienced a rather unpleasant series of life-altering changes, mostly they are becoming to an end, at least for now. How did you keep it together, what was your coping mechanism?

Kaysien: Yes, for now! In some respects, I was already mentally prepared for it. As a lifelong Producer and Musician I already lived like a creative hermit. Making music, Art and sending out support to others has always been my way when things get rough.

Music Authentic: You’ve released “BCroW” with an accompanying music video in early ‘80s game style. How these two come together?

Kaysien: BCroW is symbolic of innocence and trauma. The retro styling of the video harkens back to an age of fresh ideas with new technology that was built upon the ethos of fun and escapism. I thought it fitting to include this style for the video as I was right there when this tech emerged (I had an original Gameboy straight from Japan!) and have seen a seemingly simple idea turn into something amazing yet overly complicated. And escapism turn into a parallel reality running with and against leaf and stone and earth.

Music Authentic: Coming from a multicultural background your songs are influenced by that history. What is the way to stay relevant in these years when we are way beyond even decadency?

Kaysien: Ride it out until people become more aware, if you’re real in your talents, time will work with you. Too much Coca Cola you’ll get sick and return to a glass of water.

Music Authentic: Do you plan to play live your songs in some formats? Does it important at all to be able to perform nowadays?

Kaysien: I do! I guess it depends on the kind of music you’re making but I have always seen my songs being performed live. Now, finding a band to play with is the hardest part!

Music Authentic: It seems, most of the people in the western societies spend their lives by being slaves at work and binge-watching their mind to numbness, binge-eating their body to sickness and binge-ranting their heart to darkness. Is there a place for a real cultural, heartistic, smart and healthy revolution to lead humans out of this pit?

KaysienKaysien: Now this is tricky. To access music/art/uplifting materials, we are attached to the system that forces us to interact with perhaps not very healthy habits. Slaved to work as everything is more expensive, all the new tech has added on a huge extra cost to living, when you’re tired you’re more prone to suggestion and manipulation, that’s where the binge eating/watching comes in to play. You may wish to be lifted from your tiredness or depression caused by overworking so you may interact to seek uplifting material which inevitably means coming across more manipulation and suggestion, further strengthening the cycle. There is blood on the devices we use, children mining the materials used in the components, I believe this karmic energy travels adding to a subtle energy flow that permeates us all. But can we separate ourselves for the technology now that it so governs our lives? At the moment , we are all made hypocrites, awareness is the key.

Music Authentic: What is your role as an active creator, artist in today’s world?

Kaysien: To uplift those that need guidance. Much like how Ben Harpers words and music aided me in my past. I wish to interact past the material and play the strings of the spirit.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun, shall we? Would you be the resident DJ in the first colony in Mars?

Kaysien: The first colony? The one with all teething problems? The guinea pig colony? Nope 😛 You’ll likely find me busking on the moon!

Music Authentic: Back to Earth: describe 2022 but only with song titles!

Kaysien: Portals 😉

Music Authentic: With whom would you like to share a stage together?

Kaysien: My band when i can find the right members!!! Until then, Shabaka Hutchings.

Music Authentic: Bono, Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams and Bon Jovi are inviting you for a tea. To which of them would you go first for a meet and greet?

Kaysien: Paul McCartney and I’d stay and jam until dinner the following week!

Music Authentic: It takes at least a decade or even more to actually make it; it has always been like this and it is still a truth for artists, musicians. What are your experiences in your learning curve you can share with your readers and sympathizers?

Kaysien: I’m self taught solo artist (5 instruments, songwriting, engineering, production & mixing) which has meant an inordinate amount of time in focused solitude. A few things I’ve learnt along the way, Be kind to yourself, take time out for yourself, be mindful of the people around you and find your most positive supporters.

Music Authentic: Thank you for the time and this interview. Looking forward to hearing your new songs!

Meet and listen to Kaysien on his:

website: https://www.kaysien.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ4DPXfzlVxSweJpiEppFhg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaysienmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaysienmusic
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2C4Jxl4zKN2Eew6ZK7pfqz?si=qF6Oj7sMT-OdzXZ9BaTXTQ

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