Scars is the latest, power-rock single by the band SAVARRE.

Scars follows the trail of the band’s previous Art of the Bleed and less heavy than Blood Under the Bridge and Unbeautiful.

Shannon Denise Evans vocals and delivery is comparable to Meatloaf on his peak. It is embedded into a slow-beat, restrained rhythm with dreamy pads and a tense piano sequence in the back with a slowly evolving guitar.

Scars is atypically long, spanning beyond 5 minutes and it gives time for an extended intro and a step by step building for the song’s cathartic culmination. It incorporates theatrical elements and in the structure and plays around with the silence as an additional instrument as well. The crescendo brings the emotions and attention to the upcoming vocals and lyrics; the outro’s decrescendo leaves the listener with thoughts and feelings. The audience can easily be captivated by this personal story and dynamic delivery. This rare ear-treat is good to listen in HiFi or above, for example on Tidal or Apple Music for the fullest experience, the rightly done mix and mastering can be heard the best there.

SAVARRE has a professional togetherness and everything feels natural, on-point, nothing is too much, overdone or lacking.

Ultimately, Scars is a theatric power-rock ballad with self-reflective openness and superb vocals embedded into darker harmonies. It fits a live-gig and series placement as well. SAVARRE is a good choice to be on any music-lover’s playlist.

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