Released via M&O Music on June 17, Toast to the Brave is the latest, refreshing, rock-grunge single by the Tarah Who? .

Toast to the Brave is the second single for this year, following the well-received track Asian Blood.

A clear vocal with on-point lyrics accompanied by a heavier, grunge guitar and a marching tempo by the grunge-punk-rock playing rhythm section fits the mood of the topic and fits Tarah Carpenter’s voice that thrives throughout the whole song.

Anyone who is familiar with their Little Out There album will consider this a whole new experience and a true artist growth.

It is a rare treat to hear a strong female lead in a well-paced and authentic song who is just the right one for the role and not overdoing or faking it. Another huge positive for Toast to the Brave is that the digital touch-ups do not overwhelm the song but kept in bay so we can hear the closest to a live experience – sounds great on Apple Music and Tidal. The mix is thick yet most of the time every instruments have its place and the mastering is well balancing the vocal, the lows and the mid-frequencies.

Tarah Who? brings an atypical emotional ride over a topic with a meaning, beyond the nowadays everywhere attainable self-indulgence in the music scene. Toast to the Brave could fit into a Nirvana playlist easily.

Ultimately, Toast to the Brave is refreshing grunge with punk and rock elements, a superb production; perfect for radios, a series placement and of course live gigs. Tarah Who? is a band to pay attention to.

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