Kelsie Kimberlin, the young and talented singer-songwriter has just released new songs and music videos. We could find some time to talk about life, music, the young generation and the world around. Be brave to read on!

And while you are at it, listen to Kelsie Kimberlin‘s What We Had, it’s a good one!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Our site-traditional question to begin with is: How did you sleep last night?

Kelsie Kimberlin: I slept well because I just got back from a three-day music festival and was very tired.

Music Authentic: And how are you feeling after releasing What We Had a month ago? People like the accompanying music video!

Kelsie Kimberlin: Yes, I really like the song and the video, and it seems like they resonate with many people. I had fun doing the video and smashing the vase full of flowers because the lyrics of the song were autobiographic.

Music Authentic: It is summer and finally a “free” holiday after all those times of hardships in the last two years. Musicians, artists usually spend this season with tours. What about you: relax or work?

Kelsie Kimberlin: A little of both. I am in the studio all the time working on new music and will film at least six music videos this summer. At the same time, I will find time for some vacation with family and friends.

Music Authentic: You do like utilizing music as an international and transcendent language to talk about relationship and social issues, enough to think of Lobotomy or American Guns and you use layered lyrics as a different mirror. What made you to become such an “old soul” in such a young age?

Kelsie KimberlinKelsie Kimberlin: Actually, I have been making music since I was a child, and have been recording in the studio since I was 11 years old. Musicians are the canaries in the coal mine warning people about social problems. I recorded and filmed both Lobotomy and American Guns in Ukraine before the recent war and boy, were they prescient. The world has seen an entire country of lemmings follow a war criminal off the cliff by digesting false propaganda as Lobotomy portrays. And the USA has seen hundreds of mass shootings since I released American Guns. Both of these songs have had more than a million views on YouTube so clearly, they are striking a chord.

Music Authentic: You are resonating with the changes of the world and you’ve also stood up for Ukraine. Obviously, it is a difficult issue but do you think the everyday people will be able to reconcile with each other all around that land someday?

Kelsie Kimberlin: I am Ukrainian-American and have spent a great deal of time in my beloved Ukraine.  One of my songs is called “Bring Together” and I call on everyone to overcome their differences for the common good.  This is my dream and my goal but with the recent unjust war against Ukraine, I have serious doubts that an aggressor nation that commits war crimes as a national policy can ever be trusted by the civilized world.

Music Authentic: Now that we talk about seriousness and gravity in art and words, music, where do you think musicians, artists should stand: being court jesters or capitalizing their platform and reach for the right things, people, highlighting what needs to be done?

Kelsie Kimberlin: As President Zelensky said at the Grammys a few months ago, every musician has an obligation to sing and talk about wrongs and take a stand for justice and democracy. Musicians are influential and have a big audience so they should speak out often and forcefully.

Music Authentic: Let’s have a bit lighter tone now: if Elon Musk invited you to be the first ever resident singer in the first Martian colony, would you go?

Kelsie Kimberlin: No, I believe that I have a much higher calling here on planet Earth.

Music Authentic: Back to Earth: as a singer-songwriter, what is the actual secret to make it big? Finding the right people? Having a great background support? Writing the best songs?

Kelsie Kimberlin: Well, I think all of the above.  An artist has to be committed to his or her work and have a great team.  I write all my own songs and I work with many Grammy winners to make sure that they sound the best possible.

Music Authentic: Do you agree with those who say, the new and young generation is more entitled without doing anything substantial and lack perspective beyond self-indulgence?

Kelsie Kimberlin: Certainly, that could apply to some, but I am continually impressed with my generation being so progressive and compassionate.  Look what we have endured with two years of COVID, a lunatic president who fomented an insurrection, school shootings by the truckload, racism, anti-abortion attacks, and book burnings, yet we are still fighting for justice, tolerance, and equality.

Music Authentic: OK, so, if Simon Cowell calls you and asks who actually Kelsie Kimberlin is, what would you say?

Kelsie Kimberlin: I am a singer/songwriter who believes that my music can change the world for the better while being real and entertaining.

Music Authentic: Honesty, integrity and genuine talent with perseverance and hard work – what else do you need to go on in your path of artist evolution?

Kelsie Kimberlin: I take my music seriously and am somewhat of a perfectionist who does not cut corners.  But in this business, one needs good connections and a bit of luck.

Music Authentic: Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish – which one of them would be your go to choice for a meet and greet at a café?

Kelsie Kimberlin 1Kelsie Kimberlin: Well, they are all wonderfully successful female musicians in their own way and I would love to meet them all and share stories and ideas. I think that I would connect most with Kelly Clarkson mostly because of the hardships she has had to overcome to get to where she is now.

Music Authentic: Who are the most important and influential people in your life these days?

Kelsie Kimberlin: My father is my most important and biggest influence. He has always believed in me and pushed me to be better in everything I do. President Zelensky is also a huge influence because he is the epitome of what a leader should be – strong, compassionate and fearless, all attributes everyone needs to survive in the world today.

Music Authentic: What can we see or hear from you later this day, what are the plans?

Kelsie Kimberlin: I have recorded more than 100 original songs that I am wanting to release asap. This summer, I will be filming at least a half dozen new music videos. I will be increasing my public support for Ukraine on many levels. I want to visit displaced Ukrainians in Poland and then visit Ukraine where I hope to meet President Zelensky and give as many people as possible, including my family there, the most meaningful hugs I can muster.

Music Authentic: Before we go, what is your encouragement or message for a new singer-songwriter who just starts out?

Kelsie Kimberlin: Everyone who expresses themselves through music has to be true. One thing that I have learned is that I can’t please everyone but I can please myself. Also, I know that if I release a song, someone, somewhere will like it. Moreover, nothing is given, it has to be earned so work hard, be patient and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Music Authentic: Thank you for the time for doing this. Looking forward to hearing your new songs!

Kelsie Kimberlin: Thank you for the opportunity to speak to your readers. Let’s do a follow-up next year. Peace, Kelsie.

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