„Æ ska pule dæ no” is the latest, emotional slow-rock single by HC Nitter Band.

The classic rock lineup is reinforced with a balanced mix and master, letting the vocals embed into the middle and pan the reverb just enough over the bass boosted rhythm section where the drums are also understandable. The guitar sound is well-picked for the emotional delivery and gently pulled back not to be in the face too much, making the „Æ ska pule dæ no” more radio friendly. There is also a certain traditionalism echoed throughout the song, yet it sounds fresh and real.

„Æ ska pule dæ no” has an overall vibe of restrained power coated with a chill-out feeling recalling a prog-rock era we hear rarely in the mainstream these days. The forceful scream in the outro and at the chorus provides an extra flavor and shows a glimpse what a live version could sound like.

The HC Nitter Band takes advantage of being an international music act and brave enough to sing other than English yet able to maintain interest and delivers in this non-explicit radio edit some pure musical enjoyment, touching souls and hearts. The accompanying music video backs the song well.

Ultimately, “Æ ska pule dæ no” is perfect for any mainstream radio station and late night programming, as well as for driving in addition to indie movie soundtracks. The HC Nitter Band has a good change with this single and a promising showcase of their talent.

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