„Forever” is the latest, vivid pop single by Hitha.

„Forever” has been released for Father’s Day as the teenage idol, Hitha’s appreciation towards her father. This danceable, radio edit pop song is a rejuvenating breeze with clean lyrics and a well-picked, unique topic. As the sound itself, the accompanying music video also shows that even in 2022 there is legitimacy for songs with actual meaning and when it is a well-written, produces and performed, the artist does not need to go into the unnecessary extremes to distract the audience. In „Forever” Hitha delivers and a well-balanced, joyful celebration of a human bond gives very positive vibes.

The dance rhythm is supported by some appropriate bass and a playful synth mixed back enough to keep it contemporary. Similarly, the arpeggios aren’t too much and let the vocals be in the center. The verse leads quickly up to the melodic chorus, just as the bridge and break serve to take a breath before the returning chorus and dance part.

What makes „Forever” great is that it does not want to be more than it is neither in lyrics nor soundscape – it is elegant, gentle yet professional in every aspect. An effortless performance by Hitha is naturally the key to the song and it plays out well. The thoughtful production gives a special ear-treat for the listeners.

Ultimately, “Forever” is a perfect summer song for radios, driving, and playlists and of course clubs. Hitha is a new generation and a great hope in a post Dua Lipa era. Hitha’s debut album of the same name will be released on July 8th, 2022.

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