„Again And” is the latest, fast pace punk single by A Case of Mistaken Identity.

„Again And” merits from the soundscape of the authentic and genuine punk band A Case of Mistaken Identity. The song brings back the very best from the original punk with the taste of The Clash and the Ramones and still able to provide a more contemporary experience. Luckily, „Again And” is not a pop-punk or billboard tamed pretension way too many bands and solo acts have tried to imitate as real. The lyrics picture the never-ending spiral of the fast spun everydays with no exit available for ordinary people. The single’s three parts divulge the problem, the feeling and the solution and all in a punkishly short two minutes. Musically „Again And” offers way more than the traditional punk songs: actual – albeit short – melodies and returning micro-themes; interestingly enough including minor chords and variations. The overdriven vocal mixed right into the texture of strong bass and drums and the guitars give the emotional strength while the synths embedded into the tense yet ear-friendly cacophony.

„Again And” is a definite step-up for A Case of Mistaken Identity, most probably their best sound up until today with a strong line-up.

Ultimately, „Again And” is a great song for any punk lover and perfect for live performances as well, plus, this could be a niche playlist favorite. It’d be most interesting to see and accompanying, actual music video and hear it in a club or festival. A Case of Mistaken Identity is a band to pay attention to.

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