“Paradise” is the latest synth-pop, pop EP by Moon and Aries, the popular duo of Tom Aries and Jordana Moon, with danceable rhythms and catchy melodies.

“Paradise” is a 5 tracks EP, showcasing the talent of Moon and Aries – a 20 minutes glimpse into their artistic evolution. This musical experience is highly recommended to listen in Hi-Fi or Master – for example on Tidal or Apple Music – for the best experience. Moon and Aries deserves the best audio quality and an attentive environment.

“Paradise”, this slower beat, melody-centered synth-pop, pop EP with possible mainstream hit songs in a unique soundscape has an impeccable, emotional sound-journey. It is partially an ode towards the ‘80s and ‘90s yet with a contemporary mix and master which elevates the songs to the next level. For some “Paradise” will be a trip down memory lane to their youth, however the EP brings a whole new level of freshness and liveliness, telling stories about love, loneliness, heartaches and joy, the ups and downs in our everyday life. There are instant go to favorites and possible radio hits in the EP. “Paradise” definitely goes under the skin.

Let’s discover the songs and their different characteristics.

Track 1, Take Me Home: begins the EP as a lyrical entry. It is a mid-tempo pop hit with an instantly likeable and memorable chorus and layered synth-pop tunes. Moon and Aries uses the arpeggios to set the tone and the pads create an ethereal atmosphere. The vocals are clearly a theatrical stage performance and that serves the song the best way possible. The drum sequence is mastered well and pulled back enough to be a good but not overdone support. Starting any album with a possible fan and radio favorite song is one of the fundamental rules in pop and Moon and Aries chose Take Me Home rightfully for this.

Track 2, In Silence: is the second hit single from “Paradise” and this one is a romantic, very danceable soundtrack experience – absolutely perfect for couples in love and for prom nights. The sub bass gives an embrace akin to Drive by The Cars, the pulsating rhythm keeps the heartbeats up and the piano melody is a slightly withdrawn reinforcement of the soothing vocals. The lyrics are straight from the book of classic pop billboard charts. This might be the breakthrough song for Moon and Aries.

Track 3, Angels and Demons: the song that sounds like it came off from a Madonna album from the early ‘90s with some vibes from Annie Lennox is a slow-beat soul-reflecting chill-out experience. The apparent melancholy is supported by traditional pop harmonies and rhythm sequences.

Track 4, Paradise: it is a darker harmony based theatrical, movie-like, restrained but very energetically delivered song. The verses are the strongest suite in it, just as well the initiate, repeated synth sequence. Moon and Aries knows the less is more and the well-balanced mix provides an outstanding soundscape for this emotional journey sung immaculately. The chiming piano notes make Paradise even more memorable.

Track 5, Mercury: is an instrumental pop-ballad, sounding like and end-credit melody: a well-pulsating, widely-panned pad supported piano monologue with all the romantic harmonies as a slow-beat exhale. One can wonder whether the vocals are missing from the song, and yes, most probably that could have been a way to write one more radio favorite, yet, being brave enough to go with the more artistic choice suggests Moon and Aries has another side that can be interesting to discover in the future more. The song’s long outro helps to close down the superb audio experience “Paradise” can give to the attentive ears.

Ultimately, “Paradise” is an EP to buy and to play on repeat whenever at home alone or with a beloved one. It has perfect songs for a series’ soundtrack and a prom night as well. It will be interesting to see and hear Moon and Aries in live concerts. The energy and songwriting give the songs on “Paradise” rightful places in radios and on playlists.

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Moon and Aries: Paradise EP cover