„You Got This (feat. Nekane)” is the latest, danceable synth-pop single by Lavender Galaxy.

This optimistic, romantic take showcases Lavender Galaxy’s synth-pop and D’n’B talent they have been famous for and liked by their loyal fans. It is highly recommended to listen in Hi-Fi or Master version for example on Apple Music and Tidal – it does have a better and more subtle sound there. Similarly to one of the previous single “Lie”, once again it has a more serious topic wrapped in bright chords. Nekane delivers the vocals in a soothing and slightly ethereal style in the mix. The chorus is catchy, although a bit slips into the texture of the song. The lyrics and the message cannot be prescinded from “It’s OK” by the late Nightbirde. It is indeed important to strengthen the weakened ones – in this case with this quasi love-confession.  „You Got This” is a feel-good song in more than one level. The kick and the arpeggio suggest a disco-ish theme, the pads and the keyboard recalls the ‘80s pop while the vocal is a remembrance of the early ‘90s.

One can wonder whether an extended version or a different mix would serve the song better, however, this radio edit, non-explicit version of „You Got This” is a right fit for any driving list and daytime air-plays.

Ultimately, Lavender Galaxy delivers a good and meaningful message with their pop single. „You Got This” is a song to be heard again and time to time whether on the road or at work – and maybe in some niche party venues. The accompanying music video backs the song well.

Listen to and follow Lavender Galaxy on their:

Tidal: https://tidal.com/browse/artist/18390217

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eric.remington/