„Disorder” is a brand new, guitar-centered hard rock instrumental single by Jevill Project from his latest EP, „Unlocked”.

„Disorder” merits from the trademark soundscape of the contemporary hard-rock and metal artistry authentically delivered by Jevill Project. The song brings back the very best from the original rock with the taste of Deep Purple and to some extent early Metallica. Luckily, „Disorder” elegantly balances between melody and the necessary rawness of the genre. The lead guitar’s main riff serves as a quasi-verse with its counterpart and the bassline in addition. The dialogue among the instruments portrays the mood quite profoundly. Since the main melody is a catching one in Ionian mode it treats the ears as it was a solo vocal in mainstream rock. The drums have some Led Zeppelin reminiscence and their theme in itself is a worthy one. Musically „Disorder” offers way more than the traditional hard rock songs: actual – albeit short – melodies and returning micro-themes. The overdriven sounds are mixed right into the texture of strong bass and drums and the guitars give the emotional strength embedded into the ear-friendly cacophony.

„Disorder” is a great step-up for Jevill Project, just as his whole „Unlocked” EP.

Ultimately, „Disorder” is a great song for any true rock-lover and perfect for live performances as well, plus, this could be a niche playlist favorite. It’d be most interesting to hear at a live venue, probably in a club or festival. Jevill Project is someone definitely to pay attention to.

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