„Don’t Ask For Too Much, Dear is a brand new grunge-rock single from Glenarvon‘s latest album, „Idle Trashing”.

“Don’t Ask For Too Much, Dear” benefits from the professional songwriting and delivery of Derek Brown. The clear mix and fine mastering let the vocals subtly shine through with their melodic quasi-love lyrics. The guitar sounds are also fine examples of why so many loved the early ‘90s, and the rhythm section recalls Nirvana to a healthy extent. Glenarvon gives a new, more contemporary soundscape to grunge, making it more radio friendly. And there is a winning, early-Oasis vibe in the chorus. But the crux of “Don’t Ask For Too Much, Dear” is that it merges the very best of all the right sounds and songs from a specific—and re-emerging—era into something new, with a fresh take that manages to add a unique flavor, resulting in a familiar, ear-friendly, and catchy rock tune—one that is singular today. There is also an elegant balance of melody and the requisite rawness grunge is known for.

“Don’t Ask For Too Much, Dear” is a great new hit for the billboards and Top 40.

Ultimately, “Don’t Ask For Too Much, Dear” is a refreshing song for any music lover, especially in the rock scene. It is also ideally suited for live performances and could be any mainstream playlist favorite—the perfect lead single from the upcoming album. Glenarvon will surely find new fans and sympathizers with “Don’t Ask For Too Much, Dear”.

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