“Yellow Eyes” is a brand new classic hard rock single by Julience.

„Yellow Eyes” brings back the honest rock straighf from its roots with a contemporary flair. It merits from the trademark vocals of the singer-songwriter Julience and offers a hard rock soundscape with clean lyrics and memorable riffs. The authentic delivery adds another level to the single making it even more relatable. Yellow Eyes” is clearly a memento for Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and all the early ‘70s hard rock hero era. Yellow Eyes” elegantly balances between the past and present of rock sounds and the mix and master supports it well. Of course, the necessary rawness of the genre is a nice surprise for the rock-lovers. The verses are rhythmic and memorable, the chorus is in falsetto and Julience has the pipes to bring it on and masculine. The lead guitar’s main riff serves a thick foundation; the drums provide a fast beat with twists and changes. The dialogue among the instruments portrays the mood quite profoundly, it treats the ears graciously. There is only a just necessary overdrive, keeping Yellow Eyes” in the radio-friendly zone. The guitar solo carries the promise of a great live performance.

„Yellow Eyes” is a homerun for Julience, that’s the way how to find the right fan base and raise interest in the industry.

Ultimately, Yellow Eyes” is a great and necessary song for any true rock-lover and perfect for live performances as well, plus, this could be a playlist favorite and good pick for a drive. Wouldn’t be a surprise if Julience got to be a regular in the festivals after this.

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