„Drown” is a powerful country song with an accompanying music video serving as a debut single by the fast emerging singer-songwriter, Caleb Riley.

„Drown” merits from the soundscape of the authentic and genuine country written and performed by Caleb Riley. Once a social media phenomenon has now become a mainstream artist with this release.

„Drown” starts out as most of the country song: a definite and recognizable guitar sound and a lyrical storytelling in slow mid-tempo. Caleb Riley‘s vocals and genuine vibe is captivating and immediately memorable. His performance and voice resembles to early Nathaniel Rateliff. The mix and master are elegantly contemporary still preserving the country touching Americana to some extent. The steel guitar (Josh Yenne) has a beautiful and sensible play on the emotions as well. The rhythm section (Curtis Olhson) is on point, rightly added to the back. The guitar solo (Steve Leahy) – with just the right overdrive – is weeping a heart out almost like a Gary Moore blues. Its sound is truly ear-catching. The ballad style serves the song well and able to extend the radio edit length longer in the feel longer.  On the other hand, „Drown” is anything but a light-hearted enjoyment: a heavy topic is portrayed in the old-soul vocals – a trademark of Caleb Riley. The accompanying music video adds another layer to the song: the artistic direction by Rian Mac encapsulates the inescapable reality of personal entrapment in a violent and damaged relationship and the inevitable loneliness after coming out in the other end of it. It’s a nowadays rare and satisfying approach to contribute to a release with a well-thought and crafted concept video, one that completely fits the bill. The story told from different angles in three chapters is a good choice: the first act is the self-centered man trying to find his place in his hangover and avoiding the memories and presence of loneliness; the second act bridged with the guitar solo is a trip down memory lane to domestic violence in a relationship with no respect but fights, where damage cannot be fixed anymore and there is no escape for the abused one; the third act, once again bridged with an underwater footage and the guitar solo, representing passing and past, is the reality of sobering present being alone and physically injured, damaged – the missing body part and the leave of course represent the broken heart and the start over in a new land with different emotions and hopefully more maturity. The music video is well edited and the actors are well directed, just like the cameraman; had it been longer, could have appeared at indie movie fests.

„Drown” is a definitive country song by Caleb Riley, one that establishes him rightfully to be among the contemporary voices of the genre, making him a festival favorite from them on.

Ultimately, „Drown” is a great song with an important, deep message embraced in a contemporary yet original sound of country by the immensely talented and real Caleb Riley whose authentic performance equally elevates the spirit and shakes the heart – definitely a strong pillar in the music scene today. „Drown” has a soundtrack potential and will become a live-gig favorite and a radio frequent. „Drown” by Caleb Riley is a great single to find new audience and fans.

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