„Vegas” is the latest hip-hop music video and single by Scilence.

This autotune boosted fresh take showcases Scilence’s trademark rap and style. Scilence is a master of her music, crafts everything superbly and „Vegas” is another star in her musical horizon next to “Hollywood DMT”, “Drip So Dumb” and “Jose Jose”. As Scilence is known for her transformations into characters in her songs and music videos she continues it with „Vegas”, too.

The music video is set in the Strip and the Bellagio, focusing on all the fun and excitement the city can provide. The character Scilence portrays how free life is in Las Vegas: and speaks about the experience of marrying someone almost stranger or even a blow up doll while Elvis is there; heightening the experiences with alcohol consumption even in the streets; this and many more are shown in the screen. „Vegas” is also focusing on the good times and fits to her cup series: “The Red Cup Demo” & “The Solo Cup E.P.”  The main virtue of „Vegas” is the musical playfulness that is aligned with the liberated delivery by Scilence.

Visually, the music video of „Vegas” is aligned with Scilence’s previous works: the added comic book effects distancing and differentiating the artists from the character.

Musically speaking it was a wise choice to write and arrange the song in chill-hop, counterpointing the message and avoiding the obvious “funny” tunes. The strength in „Vegas” is the spoken lines and the extended outro that – combined with the final scene of the water representing how life is flowing continuously adds another nice touch to it.

Ultimately, „Vegas” is another artistic evolution by Scilence and will fit to any playlist in the niche plus an additional experience for the ones with open ears and eyes. The whole production reaches the level of the then music TVs like MTV and VH1.

Scilence is a quite interesting songwriter, and definitely someone to listen to.

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