“About Time” is a brand new album chill-hop meets R’n’B and soul album with 8 tracks and in LP length by Los MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest.

Written and performed by real people striving to stay true their core “About Time” is equally an entertaining musical experience and a journey for the heart and mind.

Let’s dive into the tracks one by one:


Track 1:  “Catch Ya Breath”

This album starter begins with a relaxing piano intro; its melody prevails throughout the song, providing a chilling, positive atmosphere. The rap lines arrive on point in an embracing style – it is just comfortable to listen to. The R’n’B chorus brings the utmost best in the song, comparable to Boyz II Men in its peak. “Catch Ya Breath” has a contemporary sound, with a rich yet not oversaturated mix and master; a great positive vibe, a straight-to-radio track.


Track 2: “My Life” 

It is a melodic rap song with chill-hop backing track. The key and success of this song is the performance. The overlapping vocals bring a relatable sound; the several musical micro-themes keep up the interest. There is no question: this is perfect for a live-gig. The ear-catchy chorus is a definite fan favourite.


Track 3: “Patience”

Continuing with the memorable piano play, “Patience” is an instant billboard hit with its R’n’B flavour and jazz-ish backtrack. The drive in the verses is energetic yet balanced with the subtle backing vocal. Sounding like a full-band live-performance, this piece invites the audience right onto to the stage to sing-along. A soundtrack suitable song.


Track 4:  “The Music”

With this song Los MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest expand their musical universe to a slightly different direction. This laid back track about their personal journey is an interesting to listen to giving a personal connection to the artists. Here a more traditional rapping meets the almost falsetto vocals creating a great unity. The harmonizing vocals give the good chill.


Track 5: “Too Much Fire”

This song brings more playfulness in the vocals: both in the verses and the chorus. The underlying slow-rock guitar brings a cozy ‘80s vibe that is with the modern soundscape. A reminiscent of the ‘00s Eminem for the better. Once again a live-gig song.


Track 6: “Keep Praying”

Another different sound by Los MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest yet still kept interesting. The lines are delivered in a vastly different style just as the chorus. Somehow “Keep Praying” is the most experimental song in the album. The atmosphere is still from the same journey; however the artistry is clearly attainable; eccentric but relatable.


Track 7: “Pay Dem Dues” 

The common topic is delivered over a full-fledged piano play fitting to any jazz clubs. The little -somewhat pop- musical themes and sub bass combine into a special soundscape, one that could be a standalone bit in itself. Los MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest brings their usual high performance while telling the story many can connect to.


Track 8: “Melanin Child”

It is no doubt one of the biggest if not the biggest hit in the “About Time” album. Los MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest trademark sound elevates this into the next level from the very first line. It is ripe, it is mature, it is well-seasoned and it can be sung in choirs and in the cars, in concerts and at home and most importantly: this is a perfect, unmistakable soundtrack. The line “People…” in itself is giving the goosebumps. Designed, mixed to sound big yet silent makes it an emotional ride. There are no better words to describe “Melanin Child” that it is close to a masterpiece. It sounds like a contemporary gospel, it sounds like an R’n’B infused chill-hop, it sounds like a spoken word statement, it sounds like an otherworldly truth-message. This is the immaculate way to finish the album and continue the next one just right from here. This is the peak performance by Los MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest – they are in a whole different league with this song.


Ultimately, “About Time” is a uniquely qualified album with a signature sound and always interesting, path-finding line of songs. Including popular themes combined with remarkable storytelling and ear-catchy tunes and sometimes goose-bumping delivery with deeper thoughts Los MUSICK and P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest definitely deserve seats at the table. They’ve just created a straight path to begin to emerge in a worldwide scale.


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