„Free” is a brand new, refreshing hip-hop single by Maine SFSG.

The slow-beat with the fine-tuned bassline and withdrawn kicks give an ear-catching, quasi-chill-hop experience and the vibe is nicely reinforced with the overlapping chorus. Maine SFSG’s trademark rap which has a great flow in the verses shows he is an immaculate performer. “Free” manages to blend the friendship with the storytelling just right. This is well-portrayed in the music video in which the controversial fantasy might shock the viewers at first just to learn later on what the song is really about. The acting is fitting and everyone stays in character this way “Free” benefits even more.

Maine SFSG actually thrives in his music and his effortless, on-point delivery gives “Free” another layer of professionalism and ear-treat. After all, the artistic, character-filled delivery is the real key of the song. It would definitely be interesting to see and hear it in live.

The accompanying music video not only backs the song well but provides and extra layer with its sarcastic fun – a short movie type fun ride for the fans and sympathizers.

Ultimately, “Free” is perfect for any hip-hop playlist, driving, to some niche radios and for live-gig venues. Maine SFSG continues his artistic evolution taking the right risks and delivering in a high level. It is indeed good to hear and watch this excellent production.

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