„Doing Fine” is a brand new pop-punk single by Shelby Lentz.

Doing Fine” shines with Shelby Lentz’s professional songwriting skills and passion. The respective musical elements of this track hang together harmoniously with a familiar ease, we know instantly which type of genre we are listening to, which helps us listeners to focus more on Lentz’s singing and lyrics of this classic post-break up song, which are the real stars here.

The band drives hard like in an Avril Lavigne track; the production is effortless to listen to: well-polished and well-presented in a masterful master.

The lasting impression from „Doing Fine” is that it compounds the best from all the relevant genres and eras, re-directs those, incorporating them all in a new fresh-take of a well-recognized and well-loved genre. The elegant balance between a keen melody and the necessary rawness of the genre is immediately apparent but still it’s fragile in all its effort to be timeless.

Ultimately, „Doing Fine” is an all-season radio favorite, perfect for driving and for any mainstream playlists as well. The ear-catchy melody and the driven vocals elevate the song to be memorable and it easily can fit into a series or movie, too. Shelby Lentz is definitely an artist to follow and listen to.

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