Coincidence Theory is the 3rd, rock/alt-rock/prog-rock album with 10 tracks and in LP length by Danny End the Dictators.

Following their superb The Death of Sovereignty, Coincidence Theoryby Danny End the Dictators is a new take on their musical journey, keeping their roots yet evolving into a more melodic and mainstream direction. Coincidence Theory is equally an entertaining musical experience and a journey for the heart and mind.

Let’s dive into the tracks one by one:


Track 1: “Seule”

This album starter begins by following the previous album’s prog-rock style with a great mid-tempo rock experience; this time less raw tracks and an understanding mix take the listeners immediately to the plane of Danny End the Dictators. The trademark vocal sound and the genuine guitars provide an atmospheric, strong song to love and dive into the album with.


Track 2: “Take a Swing” 

It is a melodic rock song with great riffs that could fit to ‘70s Deep Purple and a great vocal drive remembering “The Wall”. The guitar sound is top notch just as well the rhythm section theme. That’s how to write and perform a rock song for the masses without compromises.


Track 3: “Back Baby”

With this danceable, melodic rock we are travelling back right to the hero era of true rock. The rock’n’roll intro morphs into a ‘90s rock with a pinch of a Nick Cave. Once again, the guitar solo and sound is so immaculate – should be taught in music schools. The vocal arrangement is giving an ear-bug and the emotional delivery of this melancholic love song will make any teenagers to move or keep it on repeat. This bit can be considered as homage of the long lost love songs from times when it seems they actually mattered.


Track 4:  “Evolve to Dissolve”

Flowing straight from Back Baby we are given a concert favourite prog-rock soul-ride. Danny End the Dictators learned well how to create Pink Floyd-esque vocals without copying them – the strength of this song as well. The wurly puts up certain sadness, a counterpart of the ‘80s guitar solo. This whole song is a trip down memory lane for all mid-aged music lovers.


Track 5: “Flagellate the Sky”

In this hard-rock piece the well-mixed guitar riffs smartly support the energetic drums; a bit more adventurous takes with traditional band vocals and strong lyrics. Definitely a live song, recorded in an ear-friendly version. The extended outro is a perfect culmination and shows an excellent musicianship.


Track 6: “Contigo”

Another different sound by Danny End the Dictators yet still kept interesting. Probably, one of the most radio-friendly songs in the album: very close to brit-rock from the ‘90s. Brave experiment to try a different vocal sound – this song will be sung by masses at festivals and of course, in pubs. Also perfect for a soundtrack. Light hearted theme with some punk-ish elements.


Track 7: “Paper to Pen” 

It is a more laid back, traditional rock sound, a kind of ballad with vocals – guitars dialogue. Nice soundscape, once again a different yet familiar vibe from the band. The final chorus is so catchy that engrafts into the mind. The idea of drier drums is a good and refreshing decision.


Track 8: “Désirée”

As it was the continuation of Contigo, it is absolutely a crowd sing-along. There is a certain “marching” feeling in it and the vocals masterfully designed to have a familiar yet unique sound; the lead guitar worth the praise, too in this catchy tune.


Track 9: “Drained”

We are back in alt-rock. Danny End the Dictators wrote this bit that would trick anyone’s mind thinking it’s a well-known favourite; yet, it’s new, fresh and extremely ear-catchy for alt-rock lovers. The ‘90s with the Pulp is here and all the memories of the youth – at least this smart song brings up those memories; wouldn’t miss it from a setlist.


Track 10: “All I Know”

How to close an album that was brave enough to change what was necessary to keep a band interesting yet protecting the definite and special sound? “All I Know” is a lucky choice and with a more puritan vocal sound it feels finally we arrive to hear the real soul of Danny End the Dictators. If there is only one song to listen from Coincidence Theory, this must be it as it encapsulates all the good and interesting yet provides a brand new experience. Perfect love-song for any proms for sure!


Ultimately, “Coincidence Theory” is a uniquely qualified album with a signature sound and always interesting, freshly redesigned sound and fortunate song choices. It is told the 3rd album decides a band’s fate. Definitely a whole new league is waiting for Danny End the Dictators. It is a musical masterclass and a whole new experience for fans. An album to love, own it even on vinyl and of course drive for it to their concert.


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