Few artists are able to make listeners feel the way UTE can. She is like a river, unstoppable and bringing new life to help to flourish again through her songs. As she is releasing the second part of her documentary and her namesake single, we took the time to ask her about life and music. Be brave and read on, she has clearly positive thought we all can learn from.

And while you are at it, listen to “Keep The Spirit” by UTE, it’ll elevate your soul:

Music Authentic: How has life been since we last talked?

UTE: Hi there! Thanks for asking. To be honest my life has become really hard the past 2 years. I’ve had some very sad and life changing events in my personal life. But, retrospectively, I see now, that moving forward with the second part of the documentary and recording more very personal music has helped me tremendously to see the positive things and joy in life again.

Music Authentic: Your documentary is out, at least the first episode. How is the reception?

UTE: The response to the “Ute: Music Makes Me Fly” documentary has been tremendously positive. I have heard from so many people that I would give them a positive vibe or that I would encourage them to do things that they were afraid off before. It’s a nice feeling to know that I can inspire someone. Also, the matching soundtrack is also doing very well.

Music Authentic: You are releasing another episode, what is that about: a new chapter or a continuation?

UTE: Yes, there will be part 2 with a new chapter, a continuation of my life and what has happened the past two years. The named of the second installment of the documentary is “Ute- Keeping The Spirit“

Music Authentic: Your new song is “Keeping The Spirit”. It is indeed a beautiful expression of a healing heart. What does it take top move on from bitterness and focus on the goodness and light?

UTE: Exactly. Bitterness is never an answer or a helpful reaction on how life is treating you. To survive one can only focus on a better tomorrow or a brighter future. Keep the spirit high.

Music Authentic: In the lyrics video there is a wandering character portrayed in her journey of self- discovery and endeavors in the world. How much is that you?

UTE: Wow. You got a good eye. This person is completely me, watching my life and the world, developing a brand new beginning each day.

Music Authentic: Is there a difference between Ute the artist and Ute the individual living on Earth?

UTE: Yes, there is a difference between Ute the artist who loves to cheer up her listeners and Ute the person as an individual who keeps the worst things happening private. A lot of people go through hard and difficult times in their life. I want to be a bright light not a dark shadow upsetting the world with sad news.

Music Authentic: It is a common suggestion to “count the blessings” when times are tumultuously challenging and misery, pain, hardships are way too frequent guests coming uninvited. What is your secret strength to come out always with positive radiation and our heart represented in your music?

UTE: I was born with a big smile, Even a s a baby or a small child I was always friendly and cheerful. So somewhere inside of me I will never let this smile stop or go to waste.

Music Authentic: For many, “escapism” is an everyday necessity to cope with the boredom and meaninglessness beside their never-ending struggle to keep up with life. Your songs are definitely softly touching, resonating time-space travel pieces letting our mind to feel free. Do you feel it is important to “escape” or rather to “vibrate” with a higher realm for a more meaningful life?

UTE: Absolutely! Otherwise, bad news will destroy every positive feeling in our hearts. I started to go for a walk each day with my two dogs. It gave me this important distance from my sometimes too much overwhelming problems. It feels good just to feel nature, my dogs and the sun in my face or rain on my skin.

Music Authentic: Do you still go to football games? I know you used to sing before the matches…

UTE: I don’t do the singing the national anthem at the games anymore. But right now I am watching the new season of the NFL.

Music Authentic: If you had a wish come true regarding your music what would that be?

UTE: I would wish that my music would become unforgettable and that I will touch people’s hearts.

Music Authentic: The second part of your documentary “Keeping The Spirit” is coming soon; you’ve just released two new songs. Is there anything else in your schedule?

UTE: Yes. There will be a bunch of stuff. There we will release of a matching soundtrack entitled “Ute: Keeping The Spirit”. We are planning on releasing some lyric videos to the singles. Also, something near and dear to me, I will be releasing an album called “In Loving Memory” that will include my parents’ favorite songs. I wanted to do this as an homage to my parents.

Music Authentic: What is the best advice you can give to your readers these days to see the light?

UTE: I know this sounds cliché, but I really believe that it is true. After each night there will be a new sunset. A new day will rise with new hope to start over again. You just have to want to.

Music Authentic: Whenever you are ready, we will always welcome you back to hear you and make you heard. Keep The Spirit!

UTE: Thank you so much for your interest in my music and your support and your awesome questions. Be well.


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