“Dignity Dies in the Darkness is the eponymous debut, rock-opera album with the flair of pop and punk by Pegme; the brainchild of Devin Comeaux and Lucas Hardy, with energetic, danceable rhythms, catchy melodies and some deeper thoughts.

“Dignity Dies in the Darknessis a traditionally curated 13 tracks album with an LP-length of 46 minutes. This musical experience is highly recommended to listen in Hi-Fi – like on Tidal or Apple Music – for the best experience.

“Dignity Dies in the Darknessis a thematic, impeccable, sound-rich album, inspired by blink-182, HIM, Panic! At The Disco, Staind and of course Green DaysAmerican Idiot’ served as a great inspiration, too. The Chicago-loving band Pegme created a story around love, heartbreak, self-truth and heavier thoughts on toxic relationships, suicide and closure. The real treat is how Devin Comeaux and Lucas Hardy are able to entertain through these tropes. Dignity Dies in the Darkness is a candid portrayal of the human condition in this contemporary era. Some of the tunes go under the skin in an instant.

Let’s discover the songs and their different characteristics.

Track 1, Endless Love: begins the album as a pop-punk trip down memory lane. Pegme can pull this off with this sad love song. The drums are alive and the rhythm section keeps the attention. The flavor is the chorus and the verses bed to it well. The guitars are mixed just right to make it radio-friendly.

Track 2, Heart to Heart: starts with a smooth transition from Endless Love making it as a twin song although it is a much more detailed and impressively ear-catchy song with more expressive guitars and tight drums. It is immediately memorable and the great tempo and arrangement makes it a concert favorite. Although the verses suggest Billie Joe Armstrong, Pegme delivers the song with their signature chorus as their very own universe.

Track 3, Running Away: the song that sounds like a midtempo musical number has a little bit of The Cure on guitars in the break and in the outro. The bridge lifts the theme right to the stratosphere for the chorus.

Track 4, Walls: is a real step up with various minor and major chords yet it still is an ear-friendly quasi-live story showcases how Pegme plays -with great routine- alt-rock as well. A very vivid rendition of the story even a more realistic High School Musical could benefit from. Keeping it focused is a good choice for a better delivery.

Track 5, Masquerade of the Love Parade: is a pop-ballad straight out of a prom night, or a romantic movie soundtrack; very danceable and simply and cleanly mixed. It has a likable guitar sound in the beginning followed by a good trait when a singer knows his notes and uses them wisely and emotions. This is the time when dancefloor start to shake at a concert – and for a good reason.

Track 6, That Summer Night: is the first real heartbreak song with a courageous shift in the arrangement going at places almost full acapella in the extended breaks. The chorus’s harmony is various and a good refreshment after the previous songs.

Track 7, (I’ll Never) Rest in Peace: it is a more classic pop sound from the late ‘90s yet a direct continuation of That Summer Night; a concert must-play. The harmonies work well and the guitars are shining the light onto the vocals. That is how a side A or act 1 should end.

Track 8, October Rain: has a skate-punk vibe – almost like an Avril Lavigne piece. Once again, the Pegme’s trademark chorus sound makes it different for the better. An absolutely good release as a 3rd single – the last part’s harmonization feels just otherworldly.

Track 9, Static Radio: is a contemporary take on a theatre stage rock with falsettos and an ever present, pulsating beat and fresh riffs. The inner doubts and emotions are well-portrayed in the lyrics.

Track 10, Run to You: is simply the most beautiful love song in the whole album. The songwriters know here: less is more. The restrained verses and the culminating big chorus are good fits to each other. This is the song everyone can memorize and sing-along and this is the song that will light up the candles and mobile phones at a concert; probably the best soundtrack-ready single from the album, too. A good genre change in the album. Pegme delivers here an alt-rock/pop megahit, high-ranking on the charts.

Track 11, The Land Contract: it starts out with the best intro riff in the album and we are taken back into the realm of melodic pop-punk with really catchy chorus – the arrangement so “Pegme” that should be trademarked immediately. The playful delivery helps this song to be one of the best hit from the album. So catchy one barely can focus on the lyrics just wants to move and shout with a smile. The drums, the guitars are right where they need to be the mix is an extra joy in the production.

Track 12, A Better Man than I: as if just another side would have started with Run to You, this is another, greater level. Somehow the best songs are kept for the end of the album it seems; creative mix, one of the best arrangement and a very vivid delivery with a fantastic chorus.

Track 13, Nothing Left to Say: how to finish an album, a rock-pop-punk opera after several magnificent and most importantly: genuine and talented tracks – is a real question. A stripped down guitar-vocal song might take guts yet it feels just right to wind down with it. There is an undeniable cultural ode to the genre here and a desire to play the album again.

Ultimately, Dignity Dies in the Darkness is the album to buy in a physical format and play during dedicated listening times and traveling, live venues and hear it at Pegme concerts. The energy and flow are awesome and some of the songs are destined to air in radios and heard in soundtracks. Pegme is definitely a very promising band to follow.

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