Double Conspiracy (Press Start 2P Insert Coin Credit .50) is the latest, hip-hop/rock/pop EP with 6 explicit tracks by Matthew Hunkins.

Following his RapViking trilogy, Double Conspiracy (Press Start 2P Insert Coin Credit .50)elevates the game with more adventurous sounds and some catchy tunes embedding social critic and irony.

Let’s dive into the tracks one by one:


Track 1: “CConspiracies”

This album starter begins with a vivid, danceable beat and a rhythmic fronting rap. The chorus is a full-fledged dancefloor with a spin in the lyrics with a wink in the eye as the self-conscious social critic plays into the ears. The RapViking knows how to make this song catchy with on-point lyrics and some ‘80s arpeggios embedded into some undeniable city-tribal rhythms giving the jiggy in the outro. Anyone favoring Eminem from the early ‘00s will like this song on repeat.

Track 2: “Hostile Love Planet Takeover” 

It is a melodic, mid-tempo blues-rock song sounding like the late Chris Cornell at a pub gig. The drums are a good and refreshing lead instruments in the chorus, the guitar’s simple chords support the vocals in the verses to focus. With some flavors of honky-tonk this pseudo love song with pulls the listener in with its energy.

Track 3: “H2O OH”

With an fx lead intro Matthew Hunkins goes back to the late ‘80s early ‘90s hip-hop scene aligned with NWA and the Beastie Boys. This is probably the farthest end on this album, and an interesting take; not necessarily a radio hit but a showcase of talent.

Track 4:  “Flat Butt Twerking Nation”

Once again a strong rhythm oriented song with some early synth sound arpeggios with an extended break. The verses are bordering some Jamaican traits; a brave choice to apply the “less is more” formula, especially after the well-mixed verse – a disco-hit from the ‘90s.

Track 5: “Double Dripping”

In this melodic hip-hop/pop piece the beat has a great drive and the vocals are layered well in the mix. This party favourite ends with an extended outro but not before the ear-bug is placed with the chorus lines. Some playfulness is attainable in the soundscape whilst the chords just feel right.


Track 6: “Built To Break Another Thousand Hearts”

As the album closing song a strong blues-rock comes again – it feels even more energetic than earlier (since it’s the second song in the album reloaded), like a well-deserved encore, showing Matthew Hunkins is actually an artist with a vision with a musicianship. It is a good tune, great mix, hopefully a prelude for the upcoming direction.

Ultimately, Double Conspiracy (Press Start 2P Insert Coin Credit .50) is a uniquely qualified album with signature vocals, some interesting soundscapes and fortunate song choices. Definitely a whole new league is waiting for Matthew Hunkins. It is a thrilling ear-treat with extra traits for the mind; an album to like, buy and even want for more.

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