UTE has tirelessly been working to bring light, warmth and smile to the people around and beyond. Her documentary-series is out and even a new episode is coming. We could find some time in her schedule to continue our conversation. While you are reading it, listen to her latest song, “Me Against The World”, it’s a good one:

Music Authentic: Welcome back, dear UTE. How did you spend your summer?

UTE: Hi, Thanks for having me back. This summer came and went really fast. I have been very busy with pre-production for the third part of my docuseries. At the same time, my current and upcoming part 2 Ute “Keeping The Spirit” is about to go into the promotion machine. It’s very exciting since it appears that a lot of people are interested in my docuseries. When I got some time to sneak away from all of it I was able to spend my summer with my dogs in my garden or taking them for a walk or staying at the beach.

Music Authentic: Your “Keeping The Spirit” has become quite a popular song. Did you expect it to succeed this much?

UTE: I always try to go in with a neutral feeling and see how the public reacts to it. It’s always very interesting to see how a release develops once it is ready to me heard.. Of course, I was hoping of course that the catching melody might resonate with people and that the lyrics will give someone hope or courage at a moment they need it the most.

Music Authentic: Another new song, “Me Against The World” has been released with your trademark sound. Why did you choose this title?

UTE: The last two years have been very difficult, so I really got the feeling that I am fighting all by myself against the word. But I also know that I am not the only one out there that feels like this from time to time or even all the time. So, it was even more so perfect for me to sing this song because it’s it is coming straight from my life and my heart.

Music Authentic: Seeing your photos on Instagram you are smiling a lot, happy and most importantly content. How do you overcome the times with darker shadows?

UTE: I love to cheer up my followers. Times have been difficult for all of us, and a smile brightens the day or someone’s life. Every day is a gift. Just being able to wake in the morning should be treasured.

Music Authentic: How important is fun, laughter in your life and is it easy to focus on them?

UTE: Well, I try my best to look for laughter and fun in my life. But it isn’t easy all the time. That’s where my music and my singing come in. When I sing, all worries are gone. I’m in a different world where hope and happiness are easier to be reached.

Music Authentic: Friends. In this more and more alienating world around us real friends are hard to come by. What does it take to maintain a real friendship?

UTE: Staying in contact is the most important part of a real friendship perhaps. A phone call, talking or writing to each other keeps a friendship alive.

Music Authentic: Back to music. have you ever thought your songs will touch that many hearts?

UTE: It’s deeply humbling to think that anybody would want to listen to my songs. Nonetheless being touched by them. But, Music is therapy for me. And since I love my songs so much and they are written and performed with the upmost honesty, I can see that these songs could become a part of someone’s life as well.

Music Authentic: Maybe the most important for an artist to be a true original. Yet, the industry creates copycats and cheap solutions all around with overwhelming noise. Isn’t it frustrating to be heard and seen in all this?

UTE: Yes, but at the end of the day everybody deserves a chance. It’s a touch business and world to be exposed to. I believe real hard work and quality will have a better change at longevity. Try to live your dream and follow your heart. I think it’s way much more fun to be yourself that to copy others.

Music Authentic: If you had a magic glass to peek into the future let’s say 20 years ahead, what do you think you would see?

UTE: Sounds kind of scary. I have no clue, nor do I want to know I think. The here and now it “crazy enough. Let’s live day to day and grab the bull by its horns.

Music Authentic: If there was one song to choose from Paul McCartney, which one would you sing?

UTE: Let it be”. There’s just something that fascinates me about that title.

Music Authentic: Any advice for bad hair days?

UTE: A nice cap or a wig may be a good idea…..or even better, stay home. LOL!!

Music Authentic: Do you plan a Christmas song this year?

UTE: Yes. We are currently on a couple of Christmas songs. But, they will be for the 2023 releases. ?

Music Authentic: We are looking forward to watching your documentary’s new chapter and waiting for your new songs, too. Blessings!

UTE: Thank you so much. It’s always a pleasure talking to you. Please be safe and I wish you and your reader all the best and much love in the future. By for now.


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