Illusions of Life is a spiritual, acoustic rock ballad by Scott Howard.

Known as a “light-worker”, who’s been through a transformational ascension, Scott Howard delivers Illusions of Life with utmost authenticity. The timely, hope-filled, clean lyrics are rhyming teaching lessons on life in harmony in ourselves, among each other and with the Nature. One of the most relatable messages is the unconditional forgiveness for a better future.

The tune is aligned with 432Hz, a movement Scott Howard is a public advocator, and this provide a calming, almost soothing vibration throughout the song, making Illusions of Life a soul-cleansing, refreshing time with a message.

The melody flows smoothly and the chord variations place the song to an even higher pedestal especially if compared with contemporary mainstream music.

Interestingly, the bridge serves as a second, quite catchy chorus.  The verses are strong, the quasi-recitativo hooks the audience. Certainly, the key is the driven Scott Howard who uses his platform to bring the message of a chance for a new tomorrow with captivating performance.

Ultimately, Illusions of Life is an immaculate and remarkable treat equally for the mind, soul and heart and luckily doesn’t want to be more than it is: Scott Howard knows less is more in music. The subtle mix also contributes to the uplifting experience. Illusions of Life is a perfect soundtrack placement and has a radio friendly charm as well.

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