Spring Always Returns is the debut, artistic pop song by Coeur Vaillant.

This timely, hopeful art-pop piece with clean lyrics is an artisan expressionism with theatrical elements.

One of the most captivating aside of the right pace and the in medias res quasi-staccato verses is Coeur Vaillant‘s bright and fresh vocal sound effortlessly painting the topic. The partially withdrawn performance shows how much he understands and applies less is more both in composing and delivery.

The auteur music video also adds an other, wink in the eye layer to this fundamentally theatrical act.

As the instruments are introduced step by step a slight Suzanne Vega vibe is attainable. A great strength of Spring Always Returns is that Coeur Vaillant avoids the traditional verse-verse-break-chorus pop structure and lets the song flow more naturally: just like the words are representations of a loud inner talk and desire, the accompanying strings and rhythm section apply their musical sentences with the same token.

The extended chorus dives into some refreshing minor chords just before the short outro opens up to more stories to tell and more upcoming songs.

Ultimately, Spring Always Returns is an immaculate treat and would fit right into a musical either on screen or stage. Luckily, it is anything but “acted”: Coeur Vaillant introduces himself with a great entrée but with modesty and thriving, humble talent in a joyous song.


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