“Still A Kid” is a contemporary rock ballad by Chad Anthony.

Known from his captivating vocals, Chad Anthony releases this second single out from his upcoming album with an immersive sound. The ear-catchy tune is supported by a modern rock guitar riff and fitting drums; mixed and mastered just right to fit into the radios and daily playlists. The lyrics are easily memorable yet deep enough to give a lookback to anyone who has been through some hardships and changes in life. In a way, the approach of the topic resembles to the very best of the ‘90s rock era. The mid-tempo verses morph into wide arena choruses immaculately and back without any unnecessary beat. The greatest asset of “Still A Kid” is definitely Chad Anthony’s delivery that is equally uplifting and full of positive energy.

There is a clear, distinctive artistic evolution from the EverIgnite years from which Chad Anthony could keep the vein of contemporary rock yet today he sounds more authentic and his theme selection is more relatable.

Ultimately, “Still A Kid” is a refreshing and tasty treat for a more mature audience by a grown artist. Chad Anthony proves his renewed artistic self can reach even more people with his trademark singing and professionalism in this well-balanced song. Choosing “Still A Kid” as a soundtrack is inevitable just as its climbing into charts and playlists. One only can imagine how great the live-version would sound. Chad Anthony is a rock singer to be on the radar of every genre-lover.

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