„Bend Over” is a melodic hip-hop song with flair for pop by Lette Weaver.

„Bend Over” merits from a great sound and carefully selected instrumentation that set the tone for Lette Weaver’s inspired lyrics and most importantly her immaculate, superb, effortless delivery.

The mid-tempo beats are designed to keep it interesting; the samples are carefully selected and well-panned – special kudos to the sound designer and the mastering engineer. The chord progression makes the song somewhat familiar even by the first listen. The choice of recitativo in the verses is a smart one and brings everything to a higher level. The chorus is memorable and catchy. There is an undeniable attraction that grabs the listener and possibly this is what makes „Bend Over” different from most contemporary hip-hop songs: the affinity for pop from the time when pop equaled quality and genuinity.

„Bend Over” showcases Lette Weaver’s artistic evolution and redefines her skills in an even greater level. The Houston native talent proves how capable she is when it comes to write and perform song relatable in the worldwide stage and she does it style.

Ultimately, „Bend Over” has a definite potential to climb the charts and to be on-air. In addition, it would be a sure choice as a soundtrack as well. Lette Weaver is on her way to step into a more major spotlight.

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