AL COIN’s latest offering, “IM SOMETHING OF AN ARTIST MYSELF,” is a standout piece of hip-hop and chill-hop that showcases the emerging artist’s vast talent and versatility. From the slow and soothing opening of “Heaven Knows” to the energetic and pulsing finale of “Flowers,” the album is a true journey through the soundscape of AL COIN’s imagination.

One of the standout tracks is “Comfortable,” a love song with a danceable beat and a memorable chorus that showcases AL COIN’s tight flow and his ability to bring some R&B elements into his sound. Another standout is “Different,” which is set to be a banger, with its faster tempo and varying harmonies that highlight the artist’s vocal abilities and producer ideas.

“Where You Been” takes us back to the ambient chill-hop and R&B of the album, with high-pitched vocals that are countered by whispers, creating a slow and beautiful love song that is sure to win hearts. “Euphoric” is another mature and well-done piece, with its R&B and chill-hop sound that could have been played on a vinyl player back in the ’70s.

“Dnd” is a worthy change of pace, with its smooth and groovy sound that slips under the skin and feels good to listen to. “2 Drippy” is a little different, both in theme and style, but the counter harmonies make it a worthy addition to the album. “Look Me in My Eyes” takes us back to the album’s great vibe with its loud yet smooth and energetic sound, showcasing the artist’s producer and composer skills with well-written lyrics.

“Day One” sounds a bit more experimental, with new-wave and synth-wave sounds used to create a refreshing change of pace. “Our Side” is a standout track that represents the album well, with its high-pitched vocals mixed to fit in the texture and mid-tempo beats, leaving room for the samples, pads, and most importantly, the vocal talent. “Waste No Time” is a song that people might listen to after a party on the way home, with its distinguished vibe, although as a standalone song, it might not meet everyone’s taste.

The album’s closer, “Flowers” is the most beautiful song on the album, with amps turned down and the air filled with love. It’s the perfect way to finish the album, leaving listeners with a sense of calm and satisfaction.

Ultimately, AL COIN’s ” IM SOMETHING OF AN ARTIST MYSELF ” is a well-balanced mix that carries and wraps all the highs and lows just right. The artist’s use of auto-tune throughout the album fits in perfectly due to the mix, and the R&B elements are a refreshing addition. This is an album that is great for a night-drive, niche playlists, house-parties, and personal times of lovers. The tracks are mostly explicit and very sensual, making it an album that should be listened to by those who appreciate these characteristics. With LL COOL J taking notice of AL COIN’s talent, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world takes notice as well.

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