It is always a pleasure to meet young and upcoming artists, especially if they are growing and evolving. BJ Dinero is one of them: a capable, emerging hip-hop/rap songwriter and performer with various musical skills and vibrant delivery. We took the time to talk about his song “Run It In” and what the real secret behind being successful. Don’t forget to listen to his songs and check his IG.

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Let’s jump right into the middle: “Drag Race The Foreign” has a chill vibe yet it also sounds as a kind of statement of life and style. Is it why this single got the music video?

BJ Dinero: Yeah, it’s more of a commercial type of sound. Good vibe and I just felt like more people could relate to that song compared to the other ones I have out right now.

Music Authentic: It is fashionable these days to pretend to be someone else – it feels like a spiritual pandemic of the soul. As a young artist, how do you see, is this a passing trend or another layer of the doom coming for the society?

BJ Dinero: I just feel like “be you”. Being fake gets exposed sooner or later, it only lasts for so long.

Music Authentic: Looking at your Instagram, I can see a balance between showing the real you and the musician. Many others are all about using social media to show more skin or go extreme instead of reality. What do you think the purpose of these platforms could and should be? After all, right now they are used as attention derailments…

BJ Dinero: A lot of people use it the wrong way; to me, it should be used as a tool to build you up and promote yourself. That’s how I see it.

Music Authentic: Just listened to “Run It In”, a bit different sound, it feels a bit more experimental and a bit bitter. Is there some disillusionment?

BJ Dinero: I felt like I found my sound with “Run It In”. It’s more of the West Coast feel that I’ve been looking for.

Music Authentic: The world has changed tremendously lately, and once again it was proved the so-called leaders are just self-indulgent incapable talking heads aiming to gain for their circles on the everyday people, the very ones who lost so much and so many among them even hope. With your music and songs, do you think you will give something back to the community and show there are ways to step up?

BJ Dinero: Yeah, I want to show people that anything is possible: just stay down, work hard and have a tunnel vision with anything you want to do.

Music Authentic: OK, so, let’s have some fun now: would you rather have a one year contract on a cruiser for a million bucks or have a residency in the first Mars shuttle by Elon Musk?

BJ Dinero: I’ll take the million dollars for sure.

Music Authentic: Back to Earth: is there any advice for aspiring and upcoming artists? Maybe things to avoid and things to do?

BJ Dinero: Only thing I can say is: be you.

Music Authentic: Would you rather team up with LL Cool J or Eminem for a collab?

BJ Dinero: They’re both legends but I would go with Eminem on that one.

Music Authentic: Now it’s 2023, what can we see and hear from you: gigs, singles, and guest-appearances?

BJ Dinero: I’ve got a whole lot coming y’all – just stay gotta stay tuned.

Music Authentic: Before we go, what is your encouraging message to your fans and sympathizers?

BJ Dinero: I appreciate each and every one of you guys.

Music Authentic: Thank you for your time! Have thriving 2023 and don’t forget to send your upcoming materials!

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