Music Authentic: So, Van Hechter, you’re one of our favorite new pop stars to cover… And we’ve decided follow you through Spring, Summer and Fall. I’ve never had a boring conversation with you and I think our readers should know you as a person, not just as a musician. Do you grant me permission to ask whatever I want?

Van Hechter: You know what Oscar Wilde said… Ask away. We’ll see how indiscreet my answers are!

Music Authentic: Hahahahahah! You’re already entertaining.

Van Hechter: I’m glad you think so… I mean, that is my job after all. I aim to amuse 80% of the time.

Music Authentic: How’s the spare 20% used?

Van Hechter: I talk about human pain, mine and that of others. Without a little pain, or a little darkness: humor, glamour and beaming light can’t exist…

Music Authentic: You said that you almost ”cherished” the fact that you were bullied, and had a very dark childhood in many ways…

Van Hechter: I don’t wish bullying on anyone. It’s wrong, it’s unfair and it can kill a kid. However when I see how people who’ve never struggled behave, I do think ”Wow – I’m glad my heart got bruised, beaten and broken! I’m much more human as a result! And it forced me to ignore certain social trappings”… Plus, although my childhood was hard, there was money, so I was super privileged in many ways. It was a lot of pain but I was dressed in Lacoste, hahaha!

Music Authentic: What do you mean by ”social trappings”?

Van Hechter: I actually have a great example… Just a few days ago I was observing a gorgeous gay couple with their adopted baby. They are both super hot, one could easily be a high-fashion model. They wear expensive clothes, they are clearly ”well-off”. They also drive a posh car… They have everything valued by society. Yet, they pay no attention others because their perception is: they have arrived and are now superior. They raise their noses at the homeless, look at nobody in the eye at the exception of people they find equally hot or wealthy. One of them goes to the same gym as I. I’ve studied him: he will only ”mix” with the rich or the ultra-good-looking… You know what? I find such behavior ugly! What I see when I come across them on the street (they live a few blocks away) is two guys who are totally trapped in a formula that society pushed on them ”You are a success once you’ve done these 5 things”. Sadly they’ll probably raise their the kid to think it’s better than everyone else…
Such ”asshole” behavior makes me think: ”Wow maybe I’m glad I was bullied, humiliated, belittled for a time. Maybe I’m glad I had to face cancer…” Because I know something they don’t: in the end social status doesn’t count!!!! What makes a strong soul is caring about other’s pain. And empathy only starts when one falls.

Music Authentic: Wow! I say this often about you. You’re very slick, humorous, glitzy. But you’re damn deep!

Van Hechter: Yeah, but please don’t tell anyone. It could ruin my reputation!

Music Authentic: Of course, we must talk about your music… Where are you at right now?

Van Hechter: I’m launching a single with Sainte Croix, an old high school buddy entitled ”My Kind Of People”, and a full EP with long time associate Eryck Wyseman: ”Hot Damn!”. It’s going to be a lot of material coming out in June. I’d planned it differently but you know how it is: dates get changed… Errrrrrrrhhhhh the number of times one needs to adapt: you gotta be a schedule acrobat! But all always works out in then end! I do know this: I’m going to NYC for Pride then to Paris and Bordeaux next July. The rest: TBA!

Music Authentic: Paris! Bordeaux! Vive la France! Are you excited?

Van Hechter: I am. I’ll be touring with Amar Lefèvre a neo-punk disco singer who wears blue wigs all the time. I love that guy. He’s so nuts- but in a positive, healthy way. I find he’s like a ”pure” artist. If we were actors, he’d be starring in super smart ground-breaking art films, while I’d be in a sitcom hah! But we blend well together. He’s so edgy- I like that. I don’t know what he sees in me but hey, I’m goin’ to France!

Music Authentic: Last, I’ve got 10 questions – answer whatever comes to mind without thinking more than 5 seconds: Most important thing in life?

Van Hechter: Friendship.

Music Authentic: Your husband is?

Van Hechter: Although we’re separated, still the most beautiful smartest purest people I’ve met on this planet, and although I miss our times together I love him enough to be happy knowing that he’s found a new – more suitable love.

Music Authentic: Who’s your favorite porn star?

Van Hechter: I don’t watch porn all that much. I just date the actors!

Music Authentic: Porn stars are?

Van Hechter: Brave, wild, outside the box – much like rock stars…

Music Authentic: Sex is?

Van Hechter: Most glamorous when done well.

Music Authentic: Family is?

Van Hechter: Those one chooses…

Music Authentic: Disco is?

Van Hechter: Unkillable.

Music Authentic: You force yourself to?

Van Hechter: Keep my word. If I promise: I’ll do it. I don’t step back.

Music Authentic: Worst flaw?

Van Hechter: I never attack but I always return the favor… If you do me wrong, I will get you back. It’s not a pretty trait. But I’m human. I never use this towards those I deeply love.

Music Authentic: Best quality?

Van Hechter: When someone talks to me, I really listen. I am genuinely interested.

Music Authentic: Thank you, Van!

Van Hechter: Always a delight, darling! Talk to you in a few weeks!

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