Are You Evil Enough? is an alternative metal EP with 3 songs by Break Me Down.

In the era when metal is making a comeback – and that’s for the better especially for live music – the Italian band Break Me Down from Milan released their “Are You Evil Enough?” EP that sounds as a statement; a staple; a loud musical sentence with multiple exclamation marks; a perfect showcase for an active and incredibly energetic band who found the right sound and mastering engineers.

As the album cover suggests, these 3 songs are thematic soul-searching, a path-finding adventure from bitterness to something more whole – and it is resonating with the times and era around us.

Break Me Down has the strongest line-up so far and they are fresh and heavy on hooks. The groove heavy riffs work smoothly with the time aligned strict to grid rhythm section playing to one and their unity is rightfully crowned with the on point intonation and effortless belting by the experienced vocals. As “See Me Fall” sets the tone and pulls the audience right in with its progressiveness we hear from Porcupine Tree, the Meshuggah style riffs, Mastodon heaviness, this contemporary metal feels for the masses. In “Lose Your Mind” the melodic vocal comes back with a darker tone in an introspective, multi-character storytelling like souls battling – undeniable Nightwish resemblance -, the neatly tensed chorus immaculately suits the song – which brings surprising dark synths in the break. “The Other Life” is probably the most stadium-hit by the band, an instant favorite for metalheads. The firing drumsticks, rumbling bass and corpulent riffs on the blended, de-tuned guitars and enthusiastic vocal performance make the song akin to the bests of Dynazty – yet keeping it unique; the song is made to tear down walls.

Ultimately, the “Are You Evil Enough?” EP is a proof of Break Me Down’s growth, maturity and unity.

A good program to see them live.

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