It is always a pleasure to meet well-grounded, talented artists, musicians who never stop on their path to improve themselves and create in a niche where the inevitable success welcome them. Bequem is one of them and while spending his well-deserved holiday, we took the time to exchange thoughts about his songs, creative process and how music might be the missing link among people. And if you are in for some practical advice, just read on! And while you are at it, here is a good vibe, Sunsets, by Bequem:


Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Let’s begin with our site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night?

Bequem: Thank you, I slept great. I am currently on vacation in the beautiful Netherlands, enjoying the fresh North Sea air and taking some time to relax.

Music Authentic: The must be pretty nice! Just as this spring and somehow it feels a part of your music is composed for chill-out, cozy times. Do you tend to listen back your own songs to relax?

Bequem: Yes and no. It’s true that some of my songs are composed for relaxed and cozy moments, but it’s usually the case that I have listened to the songs many times during the creation process, which is why I often can’t listen to them anymore after their release. However, I love listening to music by other artists to unwind. I am a big fan of roots reggae, which is actually the genre I have been listening to the longest. Of course, I also enjoy a lot of music from my colleagues in the lo-fi scene, but I’m also a big fan of German and American rap. It always depends on the mood. When I go out to party with my friends, I also enjoy techno or dubstep.

Music Authentic: Ambient, lounge and an undeniable jazz imprint – with smooth harmonies and light touches in the mix make a good Bequem song. And quite a few have been picked up. When did you know you found the right pulse?

Bequem: To be precise, it was in December 2019. I was sitting by the lake with a good friend, listening to a very chill playlist we had discovered by chance. I immediately felt connected to the genre. Strangely enough, I also had my stage name in mind right away. I guess that was my intuition speaking up. Anyway, I started producing my first beats when I was 13 years old, and before I released my first song under the name “Bequem”, many years had passed during which I had released genres like hard trap, deep house, dubstep, and hip hop beats under various other stage names, some of which were relatively successful.

Music Authentic: For long, “Coffee Lounge” and “Hotel Lobby” were considered “elevator music” and for the malls. Now there is a huge audience for them. How worthy is it to create in these niches?

Bequem: I also often describe this type of music as background music or background beats, because I think it’s a genre of music that very few people (of all age groups) find bothersome. Whether it’s rock, techno, EDM, or trap – all of these are music genres that appeal to a specific audience. With the “elevator music” you mentioned, there will certainly be much fewer people who feel “bothered” by it or say something like “You can’t even listen to that“, when it is playing in the background.

Music Authentic: Is it an outlet for you or a deep artistic expressionism?

Bequem: Both. Sometimes I notice that when I take a break from making music for a few days, I feel much more unbalanced than when I work on my songs daily. Don’t get me wrong, breaks are important, and I need them to gather new input and fresh energy, but they shouldn’t last too long.

Music Authentic: Recently, the so-called “AIs” have started to take over the music industry as well. Some are remarkably better than several musicians. There is even a completely computerized Korean pop band. Yet, the human experience, emotions, soul are missing. Do you think artists, songwriters will be written out completely or is it just another passing fad?

Bequem: I believe that AIs can be a great help to us in general. I myself often use them to translate texts. However, I don’t think they can replace an artist, as emotions and many other things are missing in the process of creating a song.

Music Authentic: Let’s hope we won’t be run over by a Skynet or so… Here is a little fun: would you be a resident DJ in Luxor, Las Vegas or fly out to Mars with the first Mars colony?

Bequem: Neither. I had some phases where I wanted to work as a DJ, but eventually realized that it wasn’t for me. Since I enjoy studio work more anyway, I’m glad to have finally found my niche. If I can occasionally DJ at some sessions with my friends, that’s enough for me. If I were offered to fly to Mars, I would decline it gratefully. I find the idea of flying to another planet somehow strange and can’t imagine living outside our planet.

Music Authentic: Back to Earth: how do you see, can art and music help this fading world around us to recreate it as a more mutual and understanding version for everyone?

Bequem: I find it fascinating that every song has an energetic signature and can trigger different things within us. Therefore, I think it’s important to pay attention to what kind of music we consume and how we react to it. The same goes for movies and TV shows, by the way. In any case, I think music is always a good way to promote community and to work together, not against each other.

Music Authentic: I like the sentiment. What are the hills ahead of you? A tour? A soundtrack?

Bequem: First of all, I am happy if things continue to go well in the next few years and I can continue pursuing my passion. A soundtrack for a film or series would be a dream come true. Next, I am looking forward to the launch of my own merchandise shop, which will be online soon. Additionally, I have many new songs in the works that I am already looking forward to releasing.

Music Authentic: By the way, in this rushing era, how do you find time to get inspired and make new music?

Bequem: That’s probably different for everyone. For me, it helps to go out into nature, listen to music, go on vacation, or consciously take time for myself.

Music Authentic: That’s nice. Actually, do you happen to have any advice to fellow artists who are starting out?

Bequem: Yes and it is simple: Watch tutorials and stick with it! We are fortunate to have grown up in a time when we can easily find an answer to almost anything. Back then, I downloaded FL Studio with no prior knowledge and learned how to produce my own songs simply by watching tutorials on YouTube. Playing an instrument, having some musicality and a basic understanding of music is definitely an advantage. But the rest can be learned with a lot of work, time, and effort. The great thing is that nowadays we can take our entire recording studio in the form of a laptop with us wherever we go. Isn’t that great?

Music Authentic: Indeed. Before we wrap up, I would like to ask if you have any words of encouragement or inspiration you’d like to share with your readers, supporters, and fans?

Bequem: I am incredibly grateful to every single person who listens to my music and feels a connection to it. It brings me great joy to work as a musician and pursue my passion every day. None of this would be possible without my loyal listeners. Therefore, I hope that I can give back to the people who give me so much and offer them something special through my music.

Music Authentic: Thank you for your time. Looking forward to listen your new songs!

Bequem: Thank you for having me here!

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