Fear of Love is a stylish pop-jazz song by Rian Mac and Justin Chart.

In the era when real connections of any kind are hard to find and experience, the musical hyperlinks between different niches and genres have been budding with a tasty fruition time to time. “Fear of Love” picks up a certain current and marvels at the fusion of pop and jazz in style.

This radio friendly staple is a statement of consummate sensitivity Rian Mac fully embraces venturing into the warmth of coldness in a man’s sorrow and path-finding. The accented emotion with an effortless but strong, convincing delivery and fitting lyrics elevate the listener to picture the artist who thrives on real-time connection thinking back to a time when his life morphed into different universe and now wondering how to find power to trust again. The mature cohesiveness gives an extra layer to Rian Mac’s energetic performance – a rare treat these days.

The other, marvelous, almost too good to listen to key of “Fear of Love” is the main theme by Justin Chart who is dexterous behind his mouthpiece. His steamy theme recalls the very best of the ‘80s, he is as lively as Grover Washington Jr and as sensual and smooth as Kenny G in Silhouette; his music is heading straight into the heart of the audience and feels eternal yet new. Justin Chart’s elegant play has a confident control and reinforces Rian’s storytelling on a collision course with an alternate future. The groove works smoothly with the time aligned strict to grid rhythm section playing to one and their unity is rightfully crowned with the on point intonation and effortless belting by the experienced vocals.

For anyone lived long enough “Fear of Love” is an instant trip down memory lane with its catchy chorus and memorable chord progression easy to whistle and dance to.

The right mix and master also contribute to the quality and that is greatly thanked to the Grammy nominated producer James Gardiner of Pajama Studios Oakland.

Ultimately, “Fear of Love” is a living proof how even pop and jazz can reinvent itself in a familiar yet brand new, vivid sound by Rian Mac and Justin Chart with growth, maturity and unity. It is a perfect radio song and a definite candidate for a soundtrack placement.


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