In the era when top-shelf, major artists all sound the same as pop has got so predictable, Feyer managed to deliver a unique, thoughtful, sensitive and playful album “Bridging The Gaps”.

In the album, Feyer creates a study about how to deal with life issues during lockdowns but avoids slipping down any rabbit holes. He is able to dig into weightier matters with good results without being too much on the nose.

The most striking element of “Bridging The Gaps” is its life-affirming energy that radiates through every layered textures and chord progressions.

Feyer starts confidently and just go from there on with memorable, catchy choruses in a full of life, theatrical yet real delivery and the easy to hear and relatable lyrics in an immaculate mix and understanding master.

We start to dance right with Anything to Dance, a catchy, rhythmic happy-pop, referring back to the early days when life was stopped and we all stayed inside.

Could’ve Been Pretend is the ultimate, contemporary pop song, balancing artistic freedom and mainstream sound.

Feyer might be laughing by now on the unsuspecting audience – expecting something and receiving something way more layered and complex – from the corner had he been in the corner and not in the central stage.

The bridges give clarity and weight of the album, the actual songs feel like a soul travel, and an imagined escape from the reality.

Behind Closed Doors is a stripped down, Depeche Mode resembling soundscape with clean sound, dealing with loneliness in a bright delivery accompanied by beautiful falsettos.

In Working Night and Weekends Feyer blends late ’80s with his trademark style creating a song that sounds like Duran Duran as he speaks about the everyday people to the everyday people. Probably the most concert favorite piece in the album with a well-placed break.

As we arrive to Surrounds we already know that while Signals Internalized was more of a path-finding album and Parties! a full ‘80s pop-rock, “Bridging The Gaps” is the testament of Feyer’s artistic growth and honed skills. The full-blown chorus and the Madness-alike verses in the lighter music theme carry a heavy internal topic that reinforces each other. The showcase of his extended vocal range make it the most radio and playlist-friendly, almost instant hit that should be played in every Feyer concert.

Ultimately, Feyer and his “Bridging The Gaps” are the epitome that we are in the cusp of a needed musical revolution where no central decisions will be able to influence the taste of the masses, rather genuine talent and hard work will find the fitting audience and continue to evolve together.

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