Occasional Love is a British Americana single by Gary Cawker from his upcoming album Occasional Love Songs.

In the era when geographic boundaries blur together with niches and genres in music, the ongoing trend of British Americana has a new representative, his name is Gary Cawker. With undeniable flavours of folk and blues, his brand new “Occasional Love” might sound slowcore at first but its traits and storytelling take it way beyond.

The main theme is in slow tempo and easily memorable, the chorus is catchy but not too much on the nose. Gary Cawker avoids sinking into self-indulgence and balances the trope of “man’s sorrow” both in lyrics and delivery into entertainment; he does it subtly and “Occasional Love” grows onto the listener after a few listens.

The soundscape is spacious, the mix is balanced and the mastering provides enough shine on the instruments. Of course, the key here is the performance and Gary Cawker does not disappoint in this promising piece that is a definite improvement and slightly new territory after his “The Sleep of Reason” album. The other excellent quality is the purity, the stripped down arrangement and simple chord progression which together strengthen the song – it took a bold decision in today’s musical scene and paid out well.

Will the almost poetic words stay with the audience? For some probably. What is sure, the emotional resonance will find new fans for Gary Cawker and his band.

Ultimately, the “Occasional Love” is a proof that clean and pure music with true emotions still exist and can be played and enjoyed on real instruments. Gary Cawker is definitely an artist worth to pay attention to.

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Occasional Love 3’59”, British Americana

Words & Music by Gary Cawker
Produced and mixed by Alex Haynes
Gary Cawker – vocals
Alex Haynes – acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, backing vocals
Jay Darwish – double bass
Ross McReynolds – drums & percussion
Mastered by Sam Proctor at Lismore Mastering, Sheffield