In a time when mainstream music has become predictable and even top artists sound alike, Big Sexy stands out with their fresh album “River of Shame”. They deliver a unique and playful sound, while also being thoughtful and powerful.

In their album, Big Sexy takes listeners on a journey through the themes of life, pain, heartbreak, alienation, war, and true love, guiding them on an exploration of life’s complexities and the search for true love.

One of the most notable aspects of “River of Shame” is its versatility in addressing various subjects and finding the most expressive way to convey them.

The band’s dynamic energy shines through in every element of their music, from the intricate textures and chord progressions to the memorable melodies and lyrics.

The eclectic 8-track album was recorded at Outside Records in Kiev, Ukraine, by Garasamo (Gary) Maccagnone, the keyboardist, singer, and songwriter, and Alex Goroshko, the composer and guitarist. These heartfelt songs demonstrate the musicians’ maturity and talent in their delivery. The mixing and mastering of the album are expertly executed.

The album kicks off with the powerful rock track Burning, featuring a heavy guitar riff and a tight rhythm section. The adept performance delivers an energetic, uptempo sound with a distinct Dire Straits feel.

New Mexico Night is a song about longing and searching for the missing ones – in a Wings vibe. This different tone pulls the heavier topics in.

River of Shame, the album namesake, tackles the collapse of the western world’s doom over a counterbalancing The Eagles reminding rock and roll. It is a great track for driving and radio plays.

Daddy’s Girl is refreshing to the ear and is a pure expression of a father’s love towards his daughter in a bit ensemble lullaby where the piano has an own voice (with right sound design) and the stringy nicely unpack the main them in the break. If anyone favors Keane, this is for them.

A different paraphrase of estrangement is in the following The Admiral’s Daughter; the story of the Naval officer and his daughter is balanced with a ‘70s vibe, reminding us of Kool and the Gang.

War and the internal trauma coming with it is the story of the light country Swallow the Pain and once again, the weighty theme meets a danceable musical gown. The song has a remarkable drum outro.

Samantha’s Song, once again with a different tone, is a love-song. It feels like a good relief as we hear a grateful man’s story in this country ballad.

We arrive to Disposable Man, which is arguably the catchiest song in the whole album. This alt-rock is instantly memorable, a radio hit and perfect for live-shows. The immaculate and fitting guitar with superb drum sound creates another great change in the soundscape. The vocal delivery is the most relatable and heartfelt and one can’t help but whistle the melody by the end of this Travis reminding song. If not before, by now fans will arise and want more.

Ultimately, Big Sexy and their “River of Shame” is a refreshing uniqueness in today’s musical palette. The delivery and choices of topics make the album memorable. If the band picks up from where their album ended they will find a growing fan base.

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