He’s a natural star. I mean, this guy could flip burgers and be a star. There’s something about him, something he exudes that I couldn’t put quite my finger on at first. Then it hit me: ”That’s star quality”! You can’t not notice him, and if you don’t then you’re blind or have no senses. His new single ”Electrical Blue” is catchy, funny, stylish, and I think one of his best to date. Please meet the very special, Van Hechter

Music Authentic: Tell us about your new single ”Electrical Blue”…

Van Hechter: It’s a neo-80’s dance track, intended to make people laugh and dance – with me at the center as a clown! Hahahaha! Well it’s really super 80’s, but neo-80’s you know? Like the sounds are modern but with a vintage feel. When I first heard the track I thought of Les Rita Mitsouko, one of my favorite French pop band. The vibe I got from Eryck Wyseman’s demo was: ”I want to silly dance and laugh at life”… So, I wrote funny lyrics and we came up with a song unlike anything we’d produced. I hope people will like it as much as we do.

Music Authentic: You composed the song with Eryck Wyseman, your longtime producer. How did it come about? What was the process?

Van Hechter: He sent me a little keyboard riff and for some reason I thought of Les Rita Mitsouko, one of my favorite French bands. Les Rita were always about silly dancing, self-mockery and social criticism. Right up my alley. So I just jumped on the demo- within seconds I was texting Eryck: ”BEST SONG TO DATE I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT LET ME WRITE LYRICS TO IT”.

Music Authentic: What are the lyrics about?

Van Hechter: A terribly glamorous love affair gone totally, I mean, TOTALLY wrong. For a bit, I was living in what seemed like a soap opera. In hindsight, that relationship is one of the most hilarious I’ve ever experienced. Totally worth writing about. I remember friends telling: ”OMG you’re a living novel, where the hell do you find these loves???”…

Music Authentic: Your back voices are hilarious… How do you come up with those?

Van Hechter: Back vocals and harmonies are my favorite part of the work. In this case I just decided to make myself laugh – in hope that the hilarity would contaminate the fans. Like when I say: ”Dallas, Dynasty, As The World Turns” in a totally fake English accent… I’d burst each time I rehearsed it.

Music Authentic: Where was your video shot?

Van Hechter: In Florida, at friend’s pool. I called ’em up and was like: ”What’s up guys, hey, by the way – do you think I could shoot by your pool???” They said yes. Very kind of them! Ohhh, BTW: thanks, Mark for staying with us that whole afternoon in case we needed anything!

Music Authentic: You have a lot of friends, don’t you? From NYC to Miami, Van makes friends…

Van Hechter: And a few enemies, but not that many… I’m lucky. I really do always find a friend. I can’t explain it. Perhaps it’s from not having enough growing up??? I was such a weird child, not many kids wanted to play with me. Perhaps I’m making up for the sentiment of solitude as an adult?? But yeah, I have friends in every city I’ve ever visited. AND I tend to sustain friendships over time, for life even. Of course, there has to be a reciprocity, I’ll walk away if I notice you ain’t giving much. I’ve also cut people out after they’d betrayed me… That’s normal. But all in all: if I befriend you – it’s til the end!

Music Authentic: OMG, who are your enemies?

Van Hechter: Well, anyone who’s treated me in a way deliberately unkind way becomes an enemy — and I never forget… Then- that’s human nature: some people just can’t stand me, which is fine because I receive so much free love I don’t deserve from so many random people, it’s only normal that I would also generate the opposite feeling in certain humans… Like for 80% love I get 10% hatred and 10% indifference: those are good numbers! Hahahhaha!

Music Authentic: Back to the video: Gio Spano shot it and Noksound edited, is that it? What was the starting point, what was the concept?

Van Hechter: I said to Gio Spano: ”Let’s make Van more ridiculous than ever”, ”This is the story of a totally broken-hearted fool who consoles himself through his vanity. I mean- Van is so in love with himself, in the end he never stays broken-hearted for a very long time”… He smiled and I knew he got it! So Van stars in it alone, and all the shots are about him him him thinking he’s so wonderful – meanwhile he looks like an idiot, but isn’t aware of it – or is he???

Music Authentic: That’s very interesting, you playing on various layers, looking at yourself from the outside or you…

Van Hechter: That takes ”no ego” in a sense… I mean yes, your personae is super vain, but since you’re laughing at that: you aren’t.

Music Authentic: Who is Van Hechter when he’s not in character?

Van Hechter: Just a guy who goes to the gym a lot, takes long walks, and who likes to drink wine as of 6pm. Some days my big activity is popping downstairs at my neighbor’s after a really long workout with a glass of Chardonnay in hand to just sort of sit with him for 10 minutes, talking about whatever… I don’t need to do do do. That’s not me. I love empty spaces and totally ”nothing” time.

“Electrical Blue” is available on all sites but here are a few links and QR code…

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