Avdrav is an interesting artist whose musical palette has already surpassed hundreds of songs recorded and released. His always evolving and experimenting artistry makes him unique. We took the time to talk about his roots, music, opinion on AIs, and some other things. Be brave and read on!

And while you are at it, listen to Morninstar by Avdrav, it’s a good one:

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! I’ve just listened to the refreshing „Morningstar”, one of your happiest songs. Is it always that sunny in Philadelphia? You know, the series “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”, in which the characters tend to find the right attitude and bright side in their lives, and since you are from there…

Avdrav: Ahh OK. I do love that show. But it’s not really relevant to me or my music. Basically I transplanted here from New Jersey. Previous to that I lived in New Jersey, Seattle, and the Bay Area in the US. So my geographical allegiances are quite varied.

Music Authentic: Avdrav is a unique name and you do make unique music. When was the first time you knew this was what you wanted to do?

Avdrav: It is actually a combination of letters from my first and last name:  Avniel Dravid. Avniel is a common name in Israel, as it comes from the Old Testament. Dravid is a last name from India, as that’s where my parents were born.

Music Authentic: How has your musical adventure worked out for you so far? Has everything been as successful and in that direction as you originally planned?

Avdrav: I suppose I don’t really make plans when it comes to music. I try to take it one song at a time, and have slowly built up a catalog of over 400 recordings on SoundCloud.

Music Authentic: Wow, that’s a great deal of music! Are you still doing the live jams? What are these jam sessions like and how they fit into your overall creative process?

Avdrav: Not doing these any more.

Music Authentic: Your music has been described as “Electronic Indie Pop with a dash of Psychedelic feels.” How have you developed this unique sound?

Avdrav: I started making music more seriously during the pandemic. Prior to that, it had been just various music lessons as a child. I took jazz bass as an adult, and really fell in love with music theory and composition. This eventually led me to producing my own music. My sound comes from the idea of “mantra pop” which tends to focus on hypnotic grooves and repetitive lyrics. It incorporates aspects of electronic music as well as more traditional rock/pop sensibilities.

Music Authentic: Can you balance the demands of recording, promoting and so with maintaining a personal life and self-care?

Avdrav: Product management and music production are similar.

Music Authentic: Every artist has a mission. What is your true North?

Avdrav: Spiritual music.

Music Authentic: Where do you get your inspiration?

Avdrav: Mostly other music and a craving to build/listen to songs that are better than what I hear on the streaming services.

Music Authentic: What was the biggest surprise in your musical career?

Avdrav: That I can sing, sort of. It is not easy for me, and my voice isn’t great. But I have slowly built up the confidence to put my voice out there.

Music Authentic: How do you balance keeping your artistic vision while also experimenting with new sounds and styles? Can you always stick to your original plan and idea for a song while you are growing as an artist or whether you sometimes change a whole concept?

Avdrav: I generally compose one layer at a time, starting with chords, moving on to bass and melody next. I don’t have a specific plan when composing a track – I just try to let each iteration of the song carry me to the next sound. Sometimes, it is harder to know what to remove, than what to add.

Music Authentic: We are living in a fast-paced era where technology is changing by the minute. Is the use of AI and LLMs impacting the music industry and the creative process for artists the wrong way or for the better?

Avdrav: I am a fan. I use AI tools to help with songwriting, mixing and mastering.

Music Authentic: Do you have any concerns or fears about the increasing use these new tools in music creation?

Avdrav: This may be a wild opinion, but I believe in time, artists will us AI tools just like they use rhyming dictionaries, thesauri and search engines today. It will become a thing that is taught in schools as a way to draw inspiration, not as a way to be lazy.

Music Authentic: Let’s have some fun! Would you take the offer if Elon Musk invited you to have a residency in his first Mars charter spaceship?

Avdrav: Yes. That would be an amazing trip. In fact I have a song called “First Sunset” which imagines being the first person on Mars to watch a sunset.

Music Authentic: If Elon Musk, here is a debatable question: in your opinion, is music created with the help of AI and LLMs still considered human-made art?

Avdrav: 100% yes.

Music Authentic: Do you think musicians and artists are to be only feel-good entertainers or do they need to do something more as kind of real-life examples?

Avdrav: Once you reach a certain influencer status, yes you have a responsibility to use your platform to support the causes you believe in. However, I am a long way away from that type of stardom.

Music Authentic: Have there been any particularly challenging or difficult moments in your career you could overcome (or still there)?

Avdrav: Mostly just getting my music heard.  That’s why I’m doing this interview!

Music Authentic: Is there any artist you are eager to collaborate with?

Avdrav: Oh my God, soooooo many! Currently I am working a set of acoustic duets with a songwriter that I met online.

Music Authentic: Who are your favorites you like listening to?

Avdrav: I grew up listening to The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, as a child. Over time, my taste has really expanded to everything from jazz to reggae to punk. My favorite new discovery is Mdou Moctar, from Niger, Africa.

Music Authentic: What is your favorite, go-to gear when you are recording?

Avdrav: I use the following when recording:
DAW: Logic or Ableton
VOX: TC-Helicon Voicelive Touch 2

Music Authentic: Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians trying to make it in the industry?

Avdrav: Everybody will tell you that you must grind away at an instrument to really get good at music. i am not sure this is true. I am testing this hypothesis by focusing my musical growth on vocal production and composition – two areas that I am the most interested in, when it comes to the full music process. I have stopped trying to be a piano player or a guitarist.

Music Authentic: That’s the way: believing in yourself! Before we go, what are your plans? Will there be new songs, projects or collaborations this year on?

Avdrav: I would like to release a single or two every week for the rest of my life. That is my goal. So yes, I expect many-many more projects 🙂

Music Authentic: Great ambition! Thank you for your time! We are looking forward to your new songs!

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