In the era of tumultuous unoriginality and simplified thoughts and blurred emotions in the music mainstream it is indeed a refreshing to listen to John Consalvo‘s latest album, “Into the Apocalypse Part B: Still Hope”. While the first part – “Into the Apocalypse Part A: Divided and Conquered” 2021 – had a more grunge and uneasy alt-rock, “Into the Apocalypse Part B: Still Hope” is full of memorable melodies, cutting yet beautiful lyrics and natural vibe rooted in a true-to-core delivery.

John Consalvo has always been strong and curated with his words and his songs on “Into the Apocalypse Part B: Still Hope” also come with emotional and narrative journeys in the realm of rock, country-rock. There is no place for anger or resentment in this full-fledged 12 song experience.

The tempo and rhythm are outstandingly captivating right in “Containment Profile” and “Where to Go” – John Consalvo does not hold back: he owns the stage. The stadium rock “Inquisitation” has a great chance to be a fan favorite in live with its anthemic chorus. Just when we think we understand the album, along comes the beautiful “Create in Me”, a more subdued, tear-jerking, almost poetic soul-journey. “Hello, Are You There?” the lead-single on the album, is a radio-friendly rock that serves as an introduction to the world of John Consalvo. The song “On” shows more of John Consalvo‘s playfulness with a pinch of The Cure. “Where the Rainbow Ends” shows John Consalvo is well-versed in mainstream punk-rock. “Bells Are Ringing” is a nice, easy, good for the ears difference with a Train vibe and in contrast to “We Can Make It?” that reminds us of a young Lenny Kravitz. “Captured” is closer to folk-rock and counterpart to the dark and grungy “Jailer vs Archangel”. The album closer “A Sound” summarizes the talent and creativity of John Consalvo and suits as a closure after.

Unpredictability is a fitting epigraph for “Into the Apocalypse Part B: Still Hope” but in the best possible sense. Whilst the former “Divided and Conquered” might have sounded like a best of selection, “Still Hope” varies in fewer styles but changes them surprisingly. It possesses vitality and refuses to take the easy road by bringing out a perpetual momentum of intensity and some good ear-catchy rhythms and guitar slashes. The ultimate key to the album is the immaculate delivery. Although sometimes it feels like John Consalvo sings in characters, still we are able to get to know more about him and feel him through his worries, questions and joy. “Still Hope” is a much brighter tone with an all-pervading presence of faith – in its natural form. With all rock and sometimes heavier topics “Still Hope” is effectively feel-good music. The chord progressions are easy to follow, the rhythm section does the job right and the mix and master are clean and focuses on the vocals and lead guitar; the rock instrumentalization is utilized in characteristic and rich ways. John Consalvo is avoiding grandiloquence and more real than pretentious with his honed, sometimes cutting words and candid performance – he sounds of a man who has accepted himself and at a place where he needs to be right now.

“Into the Apocalypse Part B: Still Hope” is definitely an album to own in physical format as well and John Consalvo is absolutely an artist whose concerts must be visited.

The new album will be released 7/21 and Pre-Order avail from Apple/iTunes on 7/4.

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