What comes for an artist after the light goes out of music? Many of us have experienced the wastelands of burnouts, others keep choosing the industrial rinse and repeat plan over their efforts in the hope it’ll be something they can sell. When Crying Humorist started to realize there was less and less joy in his songs, he did not wait until the pool of creativity evaporated but rather searched for something that could be real, valid and enjoyable.

As he says “My energy is fueled by my strong desire to achieve something great and unique in my life. I am deeply motivated to make a significant impact and leave a lasting legacy. The vision of accomplishing something extraordinary pushes me to stay focused, determined, and enthusiastic about my work.” And as he firmly believes in his abilities and potentials to make a difference, he reignites a constant source of inspiration.

And the new subject? VHS-style movies.

This often quaint and nostalgic visual style brings fervor to his heart. It might seem to be a bygone era but Crying Humorist still enjoys visiting old movies and listening to music from then. And he is right: there is a certain uniqueness and charm in each and every production or even in each and every copy. It is indeed a connection to the past through the creativity and beauty of different eras.

Is he sorry he needed to put Crying Humorist’s glitch-phonk on hiatus?

He says it was necessary yet worthy, albeit difficult. He says “Though it wasn’t an easy process, I now feel a renewed sense of purpose and contentment in my life as I embrace the world of dark abstract art and VHS art.”
That’s artistic freedom and liberation not everyone dares to accept.

When we talk, the inevitable question of financial sustainability arises, to which he says firmly he doesn’t want to feel phony, a sell-out, being an artist is more important than being a price-tagged cog-wheel – especially since it allows him to communicate his inner world more freely and broadly this way, without compromises.

He does love lo-fi, grainy visuals coming from a cheap VHS camera, the atmosphere it creates. With the right angles and directions (things what I personally saw from him he knows) the enigmatic and unconventional style he is developing does captivate the viewer. Of course, none of it would work without the right sound that plays a vital role in tone-setting. “While I appreciate authenticity and the charm of using original and unique sounds, I also understand the value of boosting the audio to create a more cinematic feel. Sometimes, manipulating the sound or adding special effects can elevate the eeriness or spacey ambiance I’m trying to achieve.” he says. The daunting pieces often morph from vague concepts and themes. As one would think he confirms, it can be overwhelming.

In today’s commercialized era, Crying Humorist does not want to compete neither at festivals rather show his extravaganza at art-exhibitions. He states “As an artist, I believe that my work is a reflection of the world around me and my experiences within it. The evolving events, emotions, and societal shifts influence my perspective and creative choices.”

To accomplish this he does not forget the reality of the every day world and shares his time with the all too well-known necessities and works before he unwinds on video-games and movies. His favorites are Kids, Gummo, Donnie Darko and I Saw the Devil. It might not be a surprise that he admires Larry Clark as he was able to capture raw and unfiltered aspects of youth culture: “His work, including “Kids” and “Gummo,” has a profound impact on me as an artist. It inspires me to explore unconventional storytelling and push the boundaries of creativity in my own artistic endeavors.”

Of course he is not exempt of challenges when it comes to inspiration but he says the mix of discipline and different approaches can help him push forward.

Do we see the birth of a new David Lynch? Will Crying Humorist invent something a brand new type of storytelling and delivery of emotions reflecting the world inside and outside? Time will tell. What is sure for now: there is a new talent in town who is in the making to create his own center-stage.

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