It takes a while to start the interview with pMad; our mood is high as the small-talk turns into a very personal, up and close stand-up comedy where we both entertain and let to be entertained.

This might captures pMad’s essence these days, too: he does enjoy music and he is keen on to hear and discover in the melodic universe and balances his soul by releasing newer and newer songs from past and upcoming albums. It is rare to meet someone who feels at peace with anything happening with his songs; this Irish sheep herder seems to be genuine saying he accepts rather then expects. pMad has songs about the boiling Fury inside, the unquenchable Fire yet he tends to smile through the Horror of life and knows the answer for Who Am I.

Yet, what makes him different, what makes him so unique?

Maybe his quasi-stoicism so surprising and unexpected in mainstream rock.

As he says, he plans to perform in different formations and if that happens in solo as well. After all, sharing the same gear is saving the wallet.

When it comes to the past pMad has no regrets, and he indeed sounds wholesome now – not everyone needs to be another replaceable, standardized cog-wheel in a money-making machine. He has grown into a genre, a sub-niche of goth-rock however the mere definitions can not describe the musical experience he is perfecting.

How to make time for everything is a neverending question for this proud Irishman and the priorities often change but music is always present in some ways, at least in the background.

As our time passes I more and more realize pMad decided to share a certain depth only through his songs he constantly writes.

In its core that’s part of the artistic freedom, isn’t it?

What is for sure: pMad is blooming and diligently works his way up to be known.

And he is right: money is not the goal, it is good to come but creating something new and genuine from deep inside is the real treat and worth every moment.

pMad’s songs and albums are available on CD and streaming:

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