”Strange Times” is a contemporary free jazz composition with modern classic elements by Susan Craig Winsberg.

Reflecting the turbulent era and a once-in-a-lifetime experience of forced solitude, Susan Craig Winsberg commenced the recording in 2020. She is joined by Larry Steen on upright bass and Chris Wabich on drums. The atmospheric composition of ”Strange Times” showcases Winsberg’s prowess as a composer. The quirky textures offer a hidden tension that later bursts forth, providing a unique experience compared to typical avant-garde pieces. As one of the unrivaled flute players of our times, Winsberg immaculately captures the emotions of a trapped soul craving for freedom – a feeling we all experienced. She artistically recreates an alternate universe of courageous escapism as she explores the existential inter-zone between life and death, freedom and entrapment. The listener is left with a sense of benign acceptance as the consistent textural palettes are galvanized by the driving force of the ethereal intertwining of the flute melody and the piano play (also by Susan Craig Winsberg) voicing the inner turmoil and desires that quail within.

“Strange Times” is groovy, fiery, subversive, propulsive and provocative yet somehow inherits from the storytelling of Winsberg’s other endeavors in Celtic and classical like ”Boundless” and ”Shadow” she is known for.

Ultimately, ”Strange Times” embodies the greatness of contemporary music. It is easy to comprehend, guiding the audience towards a freer perspective on life through celestial creativity, well-honed musical craft, and utmost talent.

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