“ComePassion” is a soul-pop album by Elijah Ray, featuring 13 tracks presented in classic LP style, characterized by effortless singing, energetic vibes, and layered textures. “ComePassion” holds more than a few surprises and an excellent performance by Elijah Ray. It is divided into different sections in terms of tones and themes. One thing is for sure: every true music lover will appreciate it, and many will seek out the live performances. It is an emotional ride embalmed in a genuine love and understanding of music. Elijah Ray shines through the whole concept. It’s a journey in music, time and emotions, memories.

Elijah Ray is known for his soul-filled music. Let’s see how his new album expands his musical range.

“ComePassion” kicks off with the instant radio hit “You Do”, which presents a familiar sound in a unique way. This danceable, fan-creator track comes with convincing vocals and well-established falsettos. It was a wise decision to begin the album with memorable choruses and a catchy tune. Immediate sing-along!

In the same vein, without losing momentum, “Open To Me” revives the ’90s boyband vibe with a contemporary sound and excellent, natural vocal harmonies. This pop-R’n’B with its catchy chorus is perfect for a prom night.

“Where We Are”, reminiscent of a new One Direction song, is a must-play at concerts. This Britpop track is sure to be a live megahit. Elijah does understand what modern sound is. And most importantly, it is wildly entertaining! It is impossible not to jump, sing and dance in joy. The first segment with these purely light-filled songs and clean energy is outstanding. Remarkably natural sounding and brilliant, hats-off delivery all around.

With a complete tone change the alt-Westlife “What Loneliness Is (interlude)” comes stripped down with superb vocal quality. This track marks the second section of “ComePassion” where “Come Back To Me” sounds more honest and real, quite artistic. Rarely heard strong, masculine falsettos elevate this quasi-gospel where Elijah leaves room for imagination as he is experimenting.

The album’s eponymous track, “ComePassion,” harks back to R&B and gives the impression that it could have been written for Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous.” It is a risky game but Elijah manages to pull through and recall some of the steamy, unorthodox performance of the King of the Pop – he does have the funky in him to do so.

As a surprise twist, the “A-side” concludes with a respectful ode to Michael Jackson, a somewhat jazzy, funky rendition of “Man in the Mirror.” It is easy to go wrong with a rendition of such an enigmatic megahit but luckily Elijah Ray‘s version does not want to be more than it is: a joyous celebration honoring one of the greatest musicians in history.

Flipping our imaginary “traditional LP,” the B-side begins with another segment featuring “I Can Change.” It is clearly a love-making song for the night. There is a withdrawn suspense and it sounds as if Gary Barlow sung an ’80s Lionel Richie song. For sure, an interesting twist.

The ’80s vibe continues in “Find Me,” with carefully expressed emotions and the refreshing addition of a reggae-mariachi vibe. The second half is more experimental as it morphs into a contemporary outro akin to Sting in his early solo years.

“Fallen Angels” is likely the standout track on the album. It’s clearly experimental and theatrical, yet interesting, introspective, gentle and joyous. This Americana-blues track bears a resemblance to the early work of Nathaniel Rateliff.

The tone-changing “Getting Over Now (interlude),” which serves as a counterpart to “What Loneliness Is,” is an artistically performed musical piece with an atmospheric and celestial arrangement.

“More Each Day” is a pristine ballad, delivered in a mellow voice. This tasteful country track strikes a balance between familiarity and uniqueness. It’s probably the most heartfelt song on the album bringing back the strong yet silky falsettos. Excellent choice to the end of the album: a soul-movie travelling under the night sky in the countryside with an internal trip-down memory lane. It’s the epitome of Elijah Ray‘s brilliance.

The Sting-esque “Find Me (outro)” serves as a calming denouement, effectively wrapping up the album.

The delivery is of A+ quality, with thoughtfulness and creativity permeating the entire album. The love of life and music is palpable throughout. Elijah Ray has emerged as one of the biggest surprises of the year, and “ComePassion” is a worthy addition to any physical music collection.

Ultimately, these 13 songs in this multipart concept album showcase not only Elijah Ray’s talent and professionalism, but also offer a universe-shifting experience for the soul and mind. It takes patience to uncover the beauty beneath the entertainment. However, this musical journey is one that no one should miss.

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