Few artists can make you feel like Luchi does. He keeps it real, genuine yet with his honed craft and talent the emotional journey through his songs always adds to the soul. As his latest single, Mountain, comes out this week, we took the time to sit and exchange a few thoughts. It is a worthy read!

And while you are at it, listen to Mountain by Luchi, it’s a good one!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! I was just listening to your “Mountain”, what a good intro!

Luchi: Thanks for having me. I’m glad you enjoyed it; I wanted to open up the song with a strong feeling for the listener so glad that’s come across.

Music Authentic: It feels like listening to a Got Talent winning song!

Luchi: I’ll take that as a compliment ha-ha. Usually they are more triumphant.

Music Authentic: “You’ll Hurt More” felt quite personal, “Mountain” sounds more mature, more arena-like.

Luchi: Yeah, I like to show variation with my releases and show my diversity as an artist. Mountain is definitely more emotionally mature and I think there is a place and time for all songs.

Music Authentic: We tend to forget the times when we felt we were not good enough or adequate and the power to surmount those “mountains” in our lives took a toll on us. You wrote this song for a friend but I sense there is a part from your life in it as well…

Luchi: Oh, 100%, the song was inspired by a conversation with a friend but I’ve been there myself. I had a breakdown in 2014 and ended up in a psychiatric unit after trying to take my own life so I could relate to not feeling strong enough to face your demons. It’s taken a lot of work to get back on my feet and I still have dips in my mental health, even last week I had a really tough time mentally. I also start to wonder if we ever reach the peak of the Mountain in life, as Miley Cyrus said “there’s always going to be another Mountain”

Music Authentic: Probably the best songs are the ones that just pour out. After you wrote it on your piano, how long did it take to be on-air?

Luchi: It was a song that I wasn’t sure I would release as it was deeply personal but after chatting to the person the song was inspired by, they gave their blessing for me to put it out there to try to help people. I recorded the 2 vocals in the spring and then the instrumentation all came together after that as we have live strings, keys and piano on the song, then it went off to LA to be mixed and mastered so it’s been ready to go for a while but that’s the nature of it all, I always have a bunch of music ready to go and you want to try find the right time to release it.

Music Authentic: Have you ever had doubts in “Mountain” or you knew immediately, this is “it”?

Luchi: I never had a doubt that it was a special song but I usually try to have a bit of hope in my songs, even if they are about a dark subject matter but there are little speckles of it like saying “to find my way out’s going to take time” there is an element of knowing you have a problem which is the first step, and also a foresight that you will get out in time.

Music Authentic: Where will you perform it? Is there a media tour in place?

Luchi: For various reasons, I’m not performing just now but watch this space.

Music Authentic: What I realized listening to your songs is that mostly everyone could find themselves in your music and without being “generic” or “industrial” it feels real. What’s the secret?

Luchi: That’s a big compliment, thanks. My secret is making it real. What I write about is things that I know and have experienced and I think that’s what makes my audience feel it. I don’t like to chase trends or hot sounds, I want to make music that is still played in years to come, long after I’m gone because they were good solid songs and while it might not be in trend at the moment, the cream rises to the top and a timeless song finds its home.

Music Authentic: Few albums are worthy these days to listen fully. I personally really look forward to Hackney Diamonds by The Rolling Stones. What about you, who are you listening to this autumn?

Luchi: It’s so hard at the moment when it comes to albums because people don’t consume albums the way they used to because of playlists and 3 streaming, it’s not like when you get a CD and listen to all the songs and there’s a narrative through the album. I am loving Kelly Clarkson’s new album “Chemistry,” a solid piece of work there about a relationship that eventually goes wrong but it shows all sides from the high to the low which I appreciate. I’m hoping we get back to that when music is more than a social media trend, it’s authentic genuine art but there is so much out there now that it’s hard to navigate and be seen. 

Music Authentic: Besides music, is there a life for Luchi?

Luchi: Yeah, there is. I mean music is my first love and passion so it does fill up a lot of my time but I have great friends and family around who I enjoy spending time with, I am on a physical health journey at the moment so I’m eating better, training and looking after my body after years of neglecting it for various reasons, I love to travel as I love learning about new cultures and how other people live, I’m a big podcast listener and love to learn about the human condition so documentaries and reading are things I enjoy as well. I love my alone time too, I’m a big empath and can get really drained by energy so I have to find the balance of me time and social time which is an ongoing thing.

Music Authentic: In this world of constant turmoil, uncertainty and quite extensive betrayals by so-called leaders what hope we can hold on to?

Luchi: Wow, that’s a deep question. You know, I think that it’s hard to hold onto hope when you see all the atrocities in the world. Like this past week with the attacks in Gaza and the ongoing war in Ukraine or the cost of living crisis we are going through and the leaders not being helpful but I think losing hope in humanity is dangerous. We have to band together at times like these and not divide. That’s what certain leaders want, they want us to “fear the other” but when we band together and realize that we have to be there for one another, and then that power is lost. I hate how the world is becoming where we seem to have lost the ability to “agree to disagree” it’s either you think like me or not and that’s not how we grow and evolve, I for one love a good debate. I wish I could change it all but not one person can but I hope that we become less divided.

Music Authentic: If I just think of Oliver Anthony, it seems music and art can really unite those who can’t have their voices heard. Maybe things do start to change in grassroots… you feel it, too?

Luchi: Yeah, music and art are definitely ways to bring people together as they are so powerful… a great song to me is like magic. You think of classics like “Imagine” and how people still feel that message now. I’ve always had these grand plans that I was going to change the world but as I’ve got older I’ve realized that it’s more about a ripple effect rather than one person, you can influence your own community, be kind to strangers as you walk by, a little smile can brighten someone’s day, you can see their face light up and if we all did little things like that in our own little communities, then the ripple through the world would be amazing.

Music Authentic: With whom would you like to have a duet with? Gary Barlow could be a great choice?

Luchi: I do like Gary Barlow, so wouldn’t turn it down but I have a list as long as my arm of people that I want to sing with. I love music and I’m a fan as well as an artist. Might be cheating but I’ll give you my top 3 at the moment as it cycles through different artists all the time. Kelly Clarkson because that voice, she makes everything sound good although I may pass out or forget to sing cause I was so engrossed in her voice, P!nk, one of the bravest, strong artists out there who inspires me to be more vulnerable, Michael Rice is a great up and coming artist on the rise and the emotion in his voice brings me to tears. But there are so many, I just love collaboration and I’m a big advocate for boosting other artists on the journey as there is room for us all so I don’t look at it as they are my competitors, I look at it as they are my peers and I want to root for them as well as myself. I recently created a playlist of my favorite songs on my artist Spotify page to highlight some great artists.

Music Authentic: Is there any dream left unfulfilled for you? Are there any mountains left to climb for you?

Luchi: In my professional life, I have so many goals and dreams but the main one is to have a career that I can do this for the rest of my life. That’s the simplicity of it when you strip away all the other stuff; I want to build a long lasting career. In my personal life, I think it’s about still healing myself. I made a promise not to give up on myself again and I hope to never be at that stage again. I’ve spent a long time working on myself and I have ups and downs like everyone else but I don’t want to ever lose myself again because I kinda like who I am.

Music Authentic: Before we go, what is your message your fans and sympathizers who might be stuck in these shattering days?

Luchi: Please know you are not alone and that people do care. I’d say if you feel strong enough, reach out, find a person, be it a family member, a friend, a therapist or a support helpline, start talking about how you feel and it will help you unpack the mind which can sometimes play tricks on us. And know you are worth the help and you are worthy of living a safe, free and contented life.

Music Authentic: Wishing you all the best airtime and gigs! Until next time!

Luchi: Thanks for a great chat. Hopefully see you soon.

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