Miss Me With This Sheet is a slow-burning R&B gospel single by Anthony Hardin.

In the era of self-importance and mind-numbing self-indulgence in the contemporary music industry and its attributed vanities, it is indeed a rare find to discover something new, authentic and promising like Anthony Hardin’s songs.

After his widely recognized album, But You, the follow-up Miss Me With This Sheet is a step up into newer realms in the same melodic universe he’s been inventing.

Although it comes with an initial challenge for the everyday listener, the song unveils the message quite easily. The restrained vocals are counterpart to the warm rhythm’n’blues guitar with bright licks and comfortable chords. The mix sounds a bit different from what we have gotten used to from Hardin’s previous songs. The keys to the songs are the lyrics and the delivery. While the former one is clever, well-thought and almost poetic, the latter one is what holds the whole song together: Anthony Hardin’s ability to bring a new experience for the audience.

This stripped down song is an atypical song, in a way innovative. It serves rather the heart and soul than being just usual entertainment.

Ultimately, Miss Me With This Sheet is great for worship, a long drive, chilling out and some of the radio stations. Anthony Hardin’s unique styles will find the understanding audience with this new song.

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