In our fast paced era where musical tropes are shifting and eroding in an unprecedented way it is refreshing to hear something different and substantial. The band Project Rod Williams has just released its latest single LIKE A FOOL and for this occasion we are looking back on the growth of the band and it’s evolution through a few of their songs.

Those who may not know yet, Project Rod Williams stands as a testament to the transformative power of music; emerging from the vibrant soundscape of electro-pop. The brainchild of songwriter and musician Rod Williams, this ensemble is a harmonious blend of contemporary electronic pop and the nostalgic echoes of 70’s and 80’s synth-pop. Their sound is a symphony of three-part harmonies, infectious grooves, and melodic structures that captivate the listener, all underpinned by a rich tapestry of electronic textures.

However, their music is not just about catchy tunes and groovy beats; it’s about storytelling. Project Rod Williams uses their platform to shed light on social and life issues, highlighting stories of struggle, pain, and the stigmas faced by this generation. Their music is a beacon of hope, a reminder that no one is alone in their struggles.

Now let’s see a few of their songs:

  1. LIKE A FOOL: This song is a testament to the band’s maturity and growth. The sound design is well-thought-out, with excellent vocal building, nice strings, and pianos. The pads suit the topic perfectly, creating an instant hit that recalls love from past and present memories. The principle of “less is more” serves well here, proving that sometimes simplicity is the key to creating a memorable piece.
  2. ONLY IN MY DREAMS (DO YOU LOVE ME): This track is where alt-pop meets future dark-pop. The strong chorus, well-layered mix, and convincing vocals make this song stand out. The typical love topic is presented in a new gown, providing a fresh take on a classic theme.
  3. FANTASY (Radio Edit Remix): This song is a modern pop track with classic disco tropes. It has a good and strong drive, making it very comfortable to listen to. The catchy tunes in the verses and the chorus, surprising vocoders, and nice synths create the right mix with just about everything in it.
  4. SARAH JANE: This song is more experimental, surprisingly withdrawn, and dark. The sound is reminiscent of alternative electronic music from the ’90s. The delivery carries the song, and it reminds listeners a bit of Falco.
  5. CRIMES FOR PASSION: This track has a new wave sound and is a unique treat. It dares to be artistic enough, with quite on the top delivery. The chorus is the best, but the verses are also strong. It’s a feast for the music-lovers, with a great arrangement and mix. The song has a Duran Duran-like vibe.
  6. COME ON: This song is a nod to ’80s pop-rock, with era-fitting synths and guitar sound. The slightly cheesy love topic is balanced by the strength in the vocals and delivery. The kicks sound a bit outdated, but the arpeggios elevate the theme.

Project Rod Williams is a band that knows how to blend different musical styles to create songs that are engaging and memorable. Their music is a testament to their talent and creativity, and each song offers something unique to the listener. Whether it’s the mature sound of “Like a Fool,” the fresh take on love in “Only in My Dreams (Do You Love Me),” the catchy tunes of “Fantasy (Radio Edit Remix),” the experimental sound of “Sarah Jane,” the artistic boldness of “Crimes for Passion,” or the nostalgic vibe of “Come On,” there’s something in their music for everyone.

Ultimately, Project Rod Williams is more than just a band; they are storytellers, innovators, and artists. Their music is a reflection of their talent, creativity, and dedication to their craft. Whether you’re a fan of electro-pop or just a lover of good music, Project Rod Williams is definitely a band worth listening to.

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3 – FANTASY (Radio Edit Remix)